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332VideoVaporman87I love how one of the characters is named Metal Gear. But, that terrible saxophone music has to go. Feb 15, 2013View
337VideoVaporman87Hideo Kojima was THE game guy to me around the time Metal Gear Solid 2 was on the horizon. Then I played Metal Gear Solid 2. While I really enjoyed parts of it, everything just got all crazy and over the top beginning with this game. I mean really, undead vampires? Girly sidekicks? Extremely confusing plot lines! Metal Gear Solid (especially the GameCube remake) is a masterpiece of gaming. But Hideo just lost touch with reality after that game. It strayed too far into territory that it didn't belong in. Just my humble opinion.Snatcher Intro SequenceFeb 15, 2013View
338VideoVaporman87The turkey makes me hungry.Sylvester and Tweety: Birds AnonymousFeb 15, 2013View
339VideoVaporman87Mmmm. Bacon.Bugs Bunny: The Windblown HareFeb 15, 2013View
340VideoVaporman87I could never get into this show. I preferred Three's Company.Sanford and Son - SuperflyerFeb 15, 2013View
343VideoVaporman87Benjanime - "...he's actually a lover of Revolver Ocelot?" Good Heavens. I'm so glad I quit buying MGS games after Snake Eater. lolSnatcher Intro SequenceFeb 15, 2013View
347ArticleVaporman87Having graduated in '92, I was never too familiar with trends like these during these years. I was entering the working world and had a lot going on. It is interesting to be given an inside look at what was stylish in those years following the end of my high school days. Thanks for this!1995 & 1996 Fashion Trends (90's Girl Fashion) Feb 18, 2013View
349VideoVaporman87I will never forget the poop throwing monster. Or the "gassy" cows.Conker's Bad Fur Day OpeningFeb 18, 2013View
352ArticleVaporman87Such a great list! I think you have done a remarkable job capturing the whole range of styles of classic 80's vehicles. I love that you inlcuded the burnt up station wagon from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" and Lane Myer's Camaro. I would only add 3 to this list, probably only as honorable mentions; "Rubber Duck's" Mack from "Convoy", the ghostly diesel truck from "Duel", and the tank from... well... "Tank". Thank so much Old School for presenting this list to us. Such a great read! And for those who have not already, I recommend you stop by his blog as linked to in the article. There is SO much good retro stuff there to chew on!Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View
353ArticleVaporman87@vkimo: I agree. Too often we tend to look at the past from only our own point of view as males. It is a breath of fresh air to see how things looked from a female perspective. Thanks again pikachulover!1995 & 1996 Fashion Trends (90's Girl Fashion) Feb 18, 2013View