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356VideoVaporman87This, Soul Reaver 2, and Defiance were all superb titles. Such great voice acting, writing, and gameplay. I certainly hope this series is revived soon. Feb 18, 2013View
360VideoVaporman87I'll definitely check it out.Conker's Bad Fur Day OpeningFeb 18, 2013View
361VideoVaporman87I would say that with a revival, they should simply continue the story where Defiance left off - and exclude Jay's character from it. It could be done fairly easily in the storyline.Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver IntroFeb 18, 2013View
363VideoVaporman87The audience, however, gave up after the first movie. lolHoney, We Shrunk Overselves trailerFeb 18, 2013View
377VideoVaporman87I could never seem to get into this game in the same way that I enjoyed Conker, thought they were quite similar. It just didn't capture my attention.Banjo-Kazooie VHS Toys "R" Us PromoFeb 19, 2013View
378VideoVaporman87This show proved that the key to success was to begin with the "shark jump", and then just ride it out from there.Batman (1966): Smack in the MiddleFeb 19, 2013View
379VideoVaporman87All I could think was, "Hey! It's Phoebe Cates' dad from Date With An Angel!"Catch The HeatFeb 19, 2013View
385ArticleVaporman87The only car on this list that I ever built a model of was the General Lee. Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 19, 2013View
390VideoVaporman87Watching this trailer instantly made me flash back to UHF and Wierd Al doing his best "Rambo" impression. The Rambo Trilogy On DVDFeb 20, 2013View
391VideoVaporman87Too bad Roseanne became a liberal nut job sociopath. lol She did such a good job playing a down to earth, blue collar mom.Roseanne - Life and StuffFeb 20, 2013View