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A Yuletide Yakking


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478VideoVaporman87Perhaps this one will disappear also. If it does, somebody let me know. :) Mar 18, 2013View
479VideoVaporman87I had never seen or heard of this series before now. I like being introduced to new, "old" stuff. Thanks for this Ben!Bucky O' Hare - War of the WartsMar 18, 2013View
480VideoVaporman87This is how I will choose to remember Michael. Looking and sounding like this. Billie Jean by Michael JacksonMar 18, 2013View
483VideoVaporman87That puts me in mind of TMNT, as the comic was a bit darker in tone than most other representations. And perhaps Rocket Racoon or Spider-Ham. lolBucky O' Hare - War of the WartsMar 18, 2013View
493VideoVaporman87Good grief. Am I truly this old? I remember seeing it air routinely on MTV and Friday Night Videos, if I'm not mistaken. Billie Jean by Michael JacksonMar 19, 2013View
495VideoVaporman87This is a prime example of taking a product too far. As novelty trading cards, the Garbage Pail Kids were humorous and effective. As movie stars, they were completely awkward and unappealing. But as a Saturday Morning Cartoon... well... it's obvious why this didn't air.Garbage Pail Kids - Oops the Disaster movie/The House that Dipped CrudMar 20, 2013View
498VideoVaporman87Am I the only one who felt their eyes get a teeny bit moist from this? Here Comes Garfield - So Long Old FriendMar 20, 2013View
499VideoVaporman87My brother was (and probably still is) a big They Might Be Giants fan.Tiny Toons Music Television - IstanbulMar 20, 2013View
501ArticleVaporman87I remember all of these games. Some were played more than others in my circle of friends. Probably the most played of these games was the staring contest, since it did not require violence or much physical prowess. By the way, the Chuck Norris clip is HILARIOUS! Great read, raptor. Thanks for this!Stupid Childhood Games RememberedMar 21, 2013View
503VideoVaporman87A great game and a fun commercial.Super Mario Bros. 3 commercialMar 21, 2013View