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46VideoVaporman87This had to be the longest intro for a television series of ANY kind. At least it was different and interesting... the first 5 or so times you watched it.  Dec 12, 2012View
47VideoVaporman87Is it blasphemous that I am a child of the 80's and have never watched this movie? Cuz I don't think so.Thelma And LouiseDec 12, 2012View
48VideoVaporman87It seems funny hearing Peter (Optimus Prime) Cullen doing the voice work for a He-Man commercial. Or maybe it's oddly appropriate. Who knows.He-Man Commercial - OrkoDec 12, 2012View
50VideoVaporman87I did get to see a good amount of episodes of this series, as my younger brother was very interested in it. I think my interest in it grew out of his.TaleSpin IntroDec 12, 2012View
51VideoVaporman87My brother and I LOVED Toe Jam and Earl. In fact, we played through to level 17 just this past Thanksgiving 2012. It was still as fun now as then.Toe Jam & Earl CommercialDec 12, 2012View
59VideoVaporman87Party like it's the 90's!!! Just seems so much more appealing a party than a Party like it's the 2010's. Nickelodeon Hollywood SetDec 14, 2012View
60VideoVaporman87I see lot's of shows in there that I was a big fan of... most notably Ren Nickelodeon 1994 Year in ReviewDec 14, 2012View
61VideoVaporman87I was a bit of a fan of the show. Woody always cracked me up. Coach too.Cheers introDec 14, 2012View
62VideoVaporman87Ahhh... so the good stuff then. :)TNTs 100 Percent Weird Dec 14, 2012View
64VideoVaporman87I swear that one picture of a woman that appears looks EXACTLY like Reese Witherspoon. Drive-in welcomeDec 14, 2012View