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4647ArticleretroboyI never played Bayu Billy Oct 28, 2018View
4650Articleretroboythat is old schoolRetrojunk Classic: The 90's Holiday Trilogy: HalloweenOct 30, 2018View
4657ArticleretroboyI miss the 90'sRetroJunk Classic: The 90s Holiday Trilogy: ThanksgivingNov 03, 2018View
4661ArticleretroboyI used to watch the kid verison of itAmerican GladiatorsNov 06, 2018View
5246ArticleretroboyI use hating geeting up for school in the mornings when I was a kidGetting up on school morningsAug 22, 2020View
5367ArticleretroboyI miss being a kid ThatDude's Christmas MemoriesJan 16, 2021View
5368ArticleretroboyI miss being a kid ThatDude's Christmas MemoriesJan 16, 2021View
4654Articlesturm316I remember you posting a similar article on Retrojunk years ago. I also grew up in the Salt Lake area (Murray) and have many similar memories, including the March of Dimes Haunted House on State Street in the old Murray Laundry. I've long been looking for someone who has pictures of it, both with the monsters painted on the front and the later skull entry version.NLogan's Retro Halloween AnticipationNov 01, 2018View
4667ArticletalsvalsI grew up in Brazil in the 2000s, and I don't know how varied this is in different parts of the world, but I went to an upper-middle-class private school and I'll say this: the "explosion of the internet" that supposedly happened in the 90s by no means equates to, as soon as the year 2000 rolled in, everyone was totes used to getting home and checking their e-mails and spending a couple of hours trying to flirt in chatrooms. Definitely not. Nearly all my friends did not have the internet as a big part of their childhoods, it at best being something mysterious in their parents' bedroom, or being allowed access for half an hour on weekends and using it to play Bubble Trouble. So I'll credit the 2000s with the real transition into the internet being everywhere at all times. And the internet was rapidly becoming great, before it started turning to shit. Like someone said, Newgrounds, Ebaums World, Myspace, weird flash games, early YouTube viral videos before going viral was a thing that people tried to do, Fotolog, LiveJournal, personalised emoticons on MSN Messenger, downloaded ringtones. There are so many gems there and at the moment they get underrated, but I predict a comeback. The internet didn't go from animated gifs on Geocities to your cousin posting pictures of her kids on Facebook, there was so much in between.The 2000s decade wasn't that badNov 15, 2018View
4681Articlepannoni1Hello there, and if you don't recognize me, I run the pannoni series of YouTube channels, doing exactly as what you describe! It all started shortly after I got a VHS to DVD recorder for Christmas 2013, where I simply started with my family VHS recordings, of what I've transferred to DVD (though I need to do it again to the cloud drive, since DVDs are also going the way of VHS, though I still dub via that method before digitally transferring it). Of course, don't forget Betamax! First off, while they tend to be harder to find, they are far more likely to uncover that 80's (and even occasional late 70's) content on them! I recently uploaded a block from 1977 that came from a Beta recording that included most of an episode of The Bob Newhart Show, followed by the opening and first couple minutes of the short-lived CBS sitcom "We've Got Each Other". It came right off a K-30 Betamax tape that could only record 30 minutes in all. My oldest VHS find is an episode of Saturday Night Live from May of 1979, and includes a sketch on the recent Three Mile Island disaster, and also contains a lot of old local Baltimore commercials. Also, in addition to checking the labels, checking the label styles and even the tapes themselves often provide a clue if they're older, or more likely to contain Y2K-era recordings, which typically are lighter in weight. But even if you see a label that just has movies on them, it doesn't rule out surprises! Sometimes, a tape may have just a single movie on it, but the recorder either forgets to press the stop button or doesn't record over the rest of the tape, leading to various surprises. I recently found a tape where after a movie, it then followed a taped over portion of Saturday Night's Main Event from January of 1990, a full episode of It's Showtime At The Apollo, and about half of On The Beam, an RVHS Television Treasure HuntNov 20, 2018View