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5136ArticleJulieThese new figures are much more detailed and faithful than those launched at the time. Thanks for the links, @Benjanime. Mar 05, 2020View
5158ArticleJulieI remember reading this article before. Whatever, as always very well written and with an above average vocabulary, making reading very pleasant, not to mention the various touching reports. Another awesome article from Benjanime. ❤The Pok'emon Fad: The After YearsMar 31, 2020View
5176ArticleJulieAs always, I congratulate you on the very well written article, with carefully chosen vocabulary and the good taste of the writer is evident throughout the article. I got to know all the games through magazine articles of the time; they helped to increase and keep the hype high, so much that I like the Pokémon franchise to this day. However, the only game I've never heard of before was that Pokémon Channel (2003), not least because gaming magazines stopped being published before this date. Awesome article! ❤️Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5184ArticleJulieNeedless to say, where I live there was never a Pokémon event, so Mew has always been an exclusive feature of the United States, Japan and Europe. Fortunately, the Mew character algorithm is contained in all Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow cartridges. Thanks to the glitch posted on the internet, I have two Mew level 100 each. Very satisfactory to capture and keep them in my team. I particularly like Pokémon very much, so for me the fashion hasn't passed. Consciously. Excellent article as always, very well written and pleasant to read. Another positive point for Benjanime on the Retro-Daze website and on all social networks out there. ❤Pok'emon Power MagazineApr 19, 2020View
5201ArticleJulieMost of the animes I watched were from Hanna-Barbera, also going through Topo Gigio, Barbapapa, Sesame Street among others from the 70s and 80s, such as Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man and She-Ra, the fabulous Dungeons & Dragons, among many, many others. In 1989 I had my first Atari 2600, so the TV lost about 70% of the space it occupied in my leisure time. But when the Sega Genesis came home in 1991 (at the same time as the Power Rangers boom), I completely stopped watching TV and so I continue to this day. But Benjanime is introducing me to some gems that I lost along the way. He's great! ;) ❤Making the anime nerd transitionMay 14, 2020View
5216ArticleJulieI remember the hype for the launch of the Game Boy Advance in the Nintendo Power magazine. They said that the new handheld is 32-bit and even though I thought the PlayStation had just become obsolete. Of course this hasn't been confirmed over the months. My first Game Boy Advance was the SP model with a pirate cartridge of Street Fighter Zero 2 (as always, pirate cartridges mimic the Japanese versions of the games) and I quickly got the flashcart of the time to have all the games I wanted at hand. Fortunately today I have a definitive version of the flashcart. Finished Pokémon Emerald and I still play on this handheld until today, especially Mario Kart Super Circuit. I had the Nintendo DS after purchasing the Sony PSP. I missed Nintendo's games so I bought the DSi XL model, also with a flashcart that I still have today. Almost finished Pokémon Black 2 and played a lot of Mario Kart DS, Chrono Trigger and all the Kirby and Sonic games for it. I really miss my Nintendo 3DS XL. Fortunately I kept its flashcart and all the games, now I just have to buy another model back. Again, I played a lot of Mario Kart 7 and Tomodachi Life (I miss my Mii) here. My congrats on the very well written and pleasant to read article. Just like the late and unforgettable magazines of the era of the great hype of video games. ❤The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 2Jun 30, 2020View
5228ArticleJulieI've always been a person who prefers to stay indoors. even at schools and at the jobs I was inside. So I usually don't expose myself to heat. But in the summer it's common for me to sweat, and this becomes inconvenient on certain occasions. By the way, my favorite season is Autumn. ❤Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerJul 25, 2020View
5231ArticleJulieMy, what a wonderfully well-written article! ❤ What an above-average vocabulary! ❤ Written by an amazing boy gifted with a high intelligence and an angelic heart of gold. ❤ The Sega Dreamcast is really missed for that unique video quality: sharp, crispy clear video on the screen, with its powerful and genuine 60 frames per second, not sacrificing the actual screen resolution like Sony PlayStation 2 does. A pleasure to look and listen to. The nostalgic games I had were few but of the highest quality: Sonic Adventure (the first one), a major milestone in the franchise. My favorite polygonal Sonic to date in all aspects. And for me at least, it's the symbol of the Dreamcast. Seaman was a pleasant experience for me, contrary to what many report about this game. Always treating Seaman in a courteous and polite manner you gain a smart and pleasant companion to be with. And the Seaman babies were very cute, increasing my love for this game. Shenmue was an ambitious project for the Dreamcast hardware capabilities, but this game was pretty well executed in view of these limitations. Memorable and exciting; walking around the cities was very pleasant. So many great classics including all those perfect arcade conversions, and in some cases superior to the original versions, with Soul Calibur being a good example.The Dreamcast: A dream come trueAug 05, 2020View
5232ArticleJulieI remember having the Game Genie just to make it possible to play the European version of Mega Man: The Wily Wars on my Sega Genesis, and also the Japanese version of Golden Ax III on my American console. Another important use for the Game Genie was the infinite life code for The Adventures of Batman & Robin, making it possible to play this game of impossible difficulty and see all levels of this Sega Technological Institute masterpiece. The fun of Game GenieAug 05, 2020View
5237ArticleJulieMy memories of getting ready for the bus to get to school in my elementary and high school years, as well as my years of college and work, are not at all pleasant, because I used to be bullied as soon as I put my foot out of the house. Yes, bullying start (to this day) in the neighborhood, walking to the bus or coming home, on the same stretch. I think it's better not to go into details of how it happens because it's disgusting and reporting it won't help. Inside the bus, the same thing, both on the way to and from school or college or work: bullying. Arriving at school, college or work, something new: bullying. At least the school and college teachers treated me well, the only ones who did it. And that motivated me to finish my studies. At work, when I had colleagues who treated me well, I was always a very small minority. Until the day when I was returning from the college, on the bus, I was threatened with death by three or four marginal residents of my neighborhood. From that day on, my father had to take me and pick me up every day from college until I started and finished the driving school, because I was not willing to risk my life. Since then I never got on a bus in my life, nowadays I only drive by necessity. But it's okay. :)Getting up on school morningsAug 05, 2020View