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5343ArticleJulieWell, I also have Asperger's Syndrome and I'm going to say, I wouldn't "trade myself" for someone else who doesn't. It's thanks to this that I'm able to love more than anyone. Of course, it makes me more innocent and susceptible to false friendships and betrayals. But I have lived through it all, so now I am "vaccinated" to identify these pitfalls. As for games, they're a beautiful escapism for everyone, not just for us. They bring music and cinema together in an interactive way like no other media has ever brought. No wonder it has become the most profitable media industry in existence. I'm retro gamer and I love all generations. And yes, I owe it to the 90s mags which marked an era. Nov 16, 2020View
5345ArticleJulieI had a wealthy childhood during the 70s and 80s until my country started to be destroyed and my parents became more and more impoverished. My toys were mostly battery powered, many robots, the fashion toys that were advertised during the 80s TV ads. I had them all. The vast list of toys I had was very memorable and unforgettable. I just got rid of them because even if used with care and zeal, their engines started to stop working in the late 90s. It was very sad to see so many toys having to be sold. I had a wardrobe just for them due to the space they took in my room. Good times.Favorite childhood toys growing upNov 16, 2020View
5347ArticleJulieI stick with the A and B tier lists only. And we can have macaroni and cheese and chocolate pie too. :D Ranking Thanksgiving foods from childhoodNov 16, 2020View
5354ArticleJulieMy experiences are similar, there's nothing for me to add here except the fact that I invented different boxes or bags for the different ornaments here. Your cute articles always melt my heart. ❤ I love you so much, my @Benjanime! ❤The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 05, 2021View
5370ArticleJulieI remember the hype of Earthworm Jim in the magazines of the time, my only source on games. They showed photos and talked about the unusual art, the unique humor and especially about the superb animation from David Perry, a very famous programmer at the time and acclaimed by the industry and the players. Not to mention that the two cartridges had 16 megabits, something big for the time. Earthworm Jim were desired cartridges. Fortunately I had both releases at the time, for Sega Genesis. I miss that time of extremely charismatic and unforgettable characters. And by the way, very well written article as always, with the differentiated vocabulary that is already a mark of yours, my sweet @Benjanime. ❤❤The rise, fall, and resurgence of Earthworm JimJan 20, 2021View
5373ArticleJulieWhen I first had the Game Boy Color, this came along with Pokémon Yellow and Speedy Gonzales, and a bundle from Nyko with the light worm and a simplified version of the Shock 'N' Rock containing only the extended battery, and also its wall charger. The Game Boy Camera was a legit object of desire for me when I first saw it in the magazines of the time. So awesome to remember that time when I discovered Pokémon Yellow and became a fan of that unforgettable fun! Luckily we still have handhelds today, like the Nintendo Switch, and why not, all the others handhelds too! I love all of this and those charismatic articles, whimsical and written with care. I love you, my @Benjanime. ❤❤The world of Game Boy Color AccessoriesJan 20, 2021View
5378ArticleJulieIt never happened to me to feel this kind of feeling when I was a child. This was an "adult thing" for me, so I wanted to get away from it (in fact I never wanted to grow up, and I'm not ashamed to say this here in a comment to an article written by my future husband @Benjanime). ❤ The first time in my life I found a good-looking boy was my Science teacher from the last year of elementary school. I was fifteen at the time. But of course I would never take it any further or let him know. Until today I never dated in person but that will change when I graduate from college and go to my beloved @Benjanime. ❤ My congrats on the charismatic and well written article, as always. It only shows how sensitive and human you are, my love. ❤Getting the shaft after Valentines DayFeb 05, 2021View
5393ArticleJulieWell, I generally only had pre-owned consoles and games. But what a pleasure to read another well-written article, always loaded with charisma and sweetness. You are truly unique, my love @Benjanime. ❤❤ I started playing Pokémon Crystal for the Game Boy Color after having played Pokémon Emerald for Game Boy Advance. Maybe that's why I didn't get attached to Crystal. But I found the changes pretty good and welcome, quite numerous thanks to the increase in RAM from the Game Boy Color. I still want to come back to play Crystal.Remembering Pok'emon Gold and SilverFeb 18, 2021View
5400ArticleJulieFor me, starting a new year was usually starting a different school. This had the advantage that no one knew me, so I was fortunate to start the year free from bullying. But that always changes in the first semester. Over the years I discovered an undisclosed way out: to stay inside the school library. So I could stay away from bullies and had the opportunity to know some interesting books. And the librarian befriended me, especially after knowing why I was avoiding to be out there in the presence of other students. I'm sorry that you weren't lucky in your schools too, my sweetheart. You deserve all my love. ❤❤The dreaded back to school phaseMar 12, 2021View
5413ArticleJulieWell, all I can say is that I never had the multiplayer experience on the Nintendo 64. Rarely did my mom play video games with me, like Double Dragon on the Master System and Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis and on the PlayStation, Pac-Man World, switching the controllers between us when it was our turn to play. Once again, an article cutely well written and pleasurable to read for the nostalgia and all the charisma of @Benjanime. ❤❤Remembering the party games of N64Apr 15, 2021View