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5465ArticleHsering77Thanks for all your feedback.I tend to write another article soon... Aug 07, 2021View
5506ArticleHsering77Good article. Monster Squad is one of my favorites5 Retro Movies You Should Watch For HalloweenSep 21, 2021View
5536ArticleZoeKinghere I found the most popular articles with the unique point of view . I like the way u descripe the specific things . Do u know where I could get nurse essay writing Comic Book Ads #2Nov 11, 2021View
5572ArticleBeatles_ToyboxThanks for sharing! Growing up in rural Oregon, one of the few things for us to do on Friday nights (maybe it was Saturday) was go to the small Catholic church for skate night. They had ancient roller-skates that they would rent to us and a big chunk of the community would fill the place as we would skate in a circle around the small basketball court. I broke my arm there in fourth grade, but it didn't stop me from lacing up the skates for a school reward trip to Skate Palace in Salem. Looking back on it, roller skating was huge for me as a kid. Unfortunately I never mastered any cool skating tricks but had fun anyway. Most skate places around here are now closed and the church hasn't had skate night for a very long time.Skating Through The YearsDec 21, 2021View
5624Article Video games are a product of the entertainment industry. Most of the gaming contracts are not following legal laws. This is true since the gaming industry is a new thing in our society. We don't yet have the proper mechanisms and legislation that will regulate the terms and agreements for all games coming from the different companies. Also, I don't like how big gaming platforms like steam restrict their players to sell the accounts and their profiles to other people at online platforms like, I don't find this fair.Classic games that deserve modern remakesMar 30, 2022View
5625Article I can't believe we don't have interactive toys like Captain Power nowadays, that's such a cool concept!VHS OdysseyMar 31, 2022View
5626Article back in middle school I had a small collection of Pokémon figures from some cheap gacha machines around the town, one of the girls who used to play with us got mad at me for some reason and decided to flush my Pokes away, literally. The whole class got mad at her and I did too, but I was about to let it go when her mom got me a small set of Pokémon figures from a toy shop, those were a bit more expensive than the cheap gachas I had, so I felt kinda guilty accepting them :p I did forgive her of course, we were kids, and kids do stupid thingsTop four disappointing moments of childhoodMar 31, 2022View
5638ArticlecatsooeyReading this was like reading about another version of myself growing up. We started out on the goofy store bought boards which left orange plastic on curbs everywhere from railsliding and very early attempts at ollies. The ollie to us was like flying - we were mesmerized by anyone who could do it and it seemed impossible. My two best friends skated with me, and one of them (Jeremy - rest in peace bro) had an older brother - Dave Schrieber - who ran the local skate camp and knew a lot of the people on the scene. He knew Jimmy Gagne and Corey Shaw who were big amateurs at the time and were about to go pro. I think Corey ended up breaking his back on a launch ramp. Anyway we had our local skate shop, The On Ramp (the larger business was called Interskate 91, which was a roller skating place, and everything was highway themed) and the day finally came when we got our first real boards. My friends got the McGill (the skull snake graphic) and (bat/dragon) Caballero, and I got a Hawk board with the Claw/Hawk graphic. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Each of us had the board of our favorite skater and we thought of ourselves as a mini bones brigade lol. We hadn’t even learned to Ollie yet. The only mistake we made was getting Toxic Shock Syndrome’s ‘Acid Rain’ wheels, which looked cool but rode like rocks. Pete and I both got them and I still regret it to this day. I should have gotten slime balls like Jeremy did, which were great wheels. I think they might have been Vomits but I can’t remember. So we learned to Ollie - I was the first to learn, but Jeremy had the cooler ultra glue foot style that I always tried to get. I used to jump so fast and so high that my board would take a second to catch up to my back foot. It would slap the bottom of my foot when I got to the peak of the Ollie. I was the only one that learned to kick flip though, and I was really proud of being able to pull that off. The Frankie Hill ‘gap’ Ollie from the ‘Propaganda’ video was huge at this time. And the Ollie impossible was new and it really did look impossible. It was a great time for us. A few years later I picked up the guitar (Jeremy was already playing) and we didn’t skate as much. But we did pick it up again for a while in high school. I was actually thinking of getting a board and skating again. It sounds nuts because I’m 43, but I think I might be able to do it. There’s now an actual skate park in my town (if it had been there when I was skating we never would have left, we would have set up little lean-to’s and camped out there so we could skate 24 hours a day!). It’s a concrete bowl, some stairs, rails etc, so if I bite it it’s going to hurt a lot more, but I think I’m gonna go for it. Skate or Die GenerationMay 17, 2022View
5700ArticleGame JoyI totally agree with you! The sequels you mentioned and many, many other we know are fantastic, for all generation consoles! World of Illusion is a must have, and Crash Bandicoot 2 is really superior in graphics, gameplay and sound. I praise your high intelligence, my brother @Benjanime.Awesome Video Game SequelsJan 14, 2023View
5701ArticleGame JoyYou listed the top notch 2000's games for the PlayStation! Blockbuster franchises like Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Duke Nukem, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, all of them unforgettable and truly amazing! And that Driver 2 was great as well, superior than the predecessor. Thanks for sharing your charisma and good taste for games, my brother @Benjanime.Celebrating the Millennium with PlayStationJan 14, 2023View