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Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987


Goodnight, Summer


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99VideoVaporman87Such a fun dynamic between those two.  Dec 28, 2012View
105ArticleVaporman87Never heard of this game before, but the options make it sound like it was ahead of it's time. I had a similar feeling about Road Rash. A depth to the game that kept you coming back. Nice read, ProphetSword. Thanks for that.Classic Games: The Great American Cross Country Road RaceDec 30, 2012View
108ArticleVaporman87Foul! Foul! ;)Classic Games: The Great American Cross Country Road RaceDec 31, 2012View
110ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I'm not sure why that is. It appeared just fine in the Admin Panel. Interesting game. I reminds me of a game I had for our IBM PC back in the day, minus the cutscenes and other fancy stuff. That game was very difficult as it was more about good timing than button mashing. Again, nice one ProphetSword.Classic Games: Karateka for the Commdore 64Dec 31, 2012View
111ArticleVaporman87Holy cow, I couldn't agree more. Now I actually purchased BOTH versions of MK; the SNES and Genesis versions. My personal thoughts were that, while the Genesis version stayed closer to the arcade in terms violent content, the SNES version had superior graphics and controls. But, that's just me. Oh, and Night Trap looks like it's going for anywhere from $150 to $400 still sealed. Yikes.Joe Lieberman VS ScorpionDec 31, 2012View
113VideoVaporman87I remember watching this for the first time as a kid and thinking how amazingly awesome it would be to have such a thing in a pond behind my house so I could scare my friends with it, pretending it was my pet. The Quest - Opening SceneJan 02, 2013View
119VideoVaporman87A timeless video. As entertaining now as it was then, plus a great Peter Gabriel song.Peter Gabriel - SledgehammerJan 05, 2013View
123VideoVaporman87Yeah. I kinda miss places like Babbage's because they carried more than just games. Collectibles, apparell, and even movies. Even really old games. Funcoland is another I miss.Super Gameboy CommercialJan 08, 2013View
126VideoVaporman87Yeah. Trying to capture that old T.V. weeknight movie event, or what have you.RetroDaze PDT Intro DemoJan 11, 2013View
129VideoVaporman87A great song with technology that was fairly new to most people at that time.Def Leppard - Let's Get RockedJan 12, 2013View