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5014ArticleRabbitearsblogI agree that nostalgia can be a really good thing! I always love looking back at the things that I grew up with and how they affected me as an adult! Aug 18, 2019View
5015ArticleRabbitearsblogAaahhh... Steve Blum... He was the best Tom ever!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5016ArticleRabbitearsblogThanks everyone! Glad you got the chance to see what this series is all about! I also agree that B.B. King's score in "John Henry" was probably the best part of the story!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5017ArticleRabbitearsblogI grew up reading the Berenstain books when I was little and I enjoyed reading those books ever since! My favorites were "Forget their Manners," "No Girls Allowed" and "Learn about Strangers!"My Top Ten Favorite Berenstain Bear BooksAug 18, 2019View
5018ArticleRabbitearsblogAwesome article! I remembered all of these blocks, especially Fox Kids and Disney Afternoon! I always loved watching shows like "Batman," "Gummi Bears," "Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers," "Animaniacs," and many more and I miss watching these blocks.Five Childhood Programming Line Ups I LovedAug 18, 2019View
5019ArticleRabbitearsblogI loved reading Miss Nelson is Missing and Monster Mama! They were some of my all time favorite children's books growing up!My favorite children's books growing upAug 18, 2019View
5020ArticleRabbitearsblogLoved the Doo Wop bumpers too! Nickelodeon had some creative bumpers back in the 80s and 90s!TDitH's Top 5 Nickelodeon BumpersAug 18, 2019View
5022ArticleRabbitearsblogOooh! A John Henry movie from Dreamworks! Sounds awesome!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5032ArticleRabbitearsblogAwww! Thanks for the Smurfs badge!!Why the Rabbit Ears Productions series should become a TV seriesSep 06, 2019View
5040ArticleRabbitearsblogOh. Okay. Thanks! I'm still new to this site!Why the Rabbit Ears Productions series should become a TV seriesSep 09, 2019View