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4777Articlebluegrassbaby86I've been looking for that huffing one for a long time. I heard a radio version as a kid which scared the heck out of me. Jan 05, 2019View
4751ArticleTowtrucktomI still vividly remember he MacDonalds add!!!! That took me straight back to my childhood. Nice one Hoju. Regards <a href="">towtrucktom</a> ____________ 5 More 80s Christmas CommercialsDec 20, 2018View
5188ArticleretrocrunchI remember that TMNT show and them bringing in a female turtle. Not my cup of tea for a show and not the TMNT I grew up with.. I passed on it too. Great article BTW.The Rise and Fall of TMNTApr 26, 2020View
5189ArticleretrocrunchThere was a old playground where my grandparents lived that I loved as a kid. Like others, its been torn down and replaced with new equipment. My favorite was a 25 foot tall swingset that had about 10 swings across. We would do back flips off it, see who can jump out farthur, have swing wars, and all sorts of fun. That was the tallest swing I ever went on and I havent seen any nowadays that comes close. Everyones afraid of suits. Good times back then, miss those playgrounds.Castles of YesteryearApr 26, 2020View
5272ArticleretrocrunchWhen i think of Bullies, it always reminds me of the movie My Bodyguard. great movie and it highlights so well the pain of being bullied. Luckily, the boy in the film had someone to protect him, and even he was bullied. Being BulliedSep 06, 2020View
4706ArticleDalek227I know this article is a few years old but I had to comment. One, I was so sure the new cool kid was going to be the one to blab about Santa, as I was reading haha and two, what a low blow that he got that kid spinjas. We had like a five dollar limit for our Secret Santa LOL. I love that you were very grateful despite not getting exactly what you wanted. 1990 - The Year Santa DiedDec 12, 2018View
4711ArticleDalek227Thank you for the comment! I absolutely agree that it's made us more compassionate adults. At the time it sure did feel like a big deal but as an adult now, seeing the severe bullying that teenagers face today, it's nothing compared to that. However writing this is kind of like therapy. I don't dwell on the bullying, it was only a little blip in my life. However when I'm reminded of it I like to gab about it haha!Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 1 Dec 14, 2018View
4713ArticleDalek227Benjanime thank you! And yes I've got great friends and family. I'm working on more parts to this article and at some point i'll go into how it didn't all suck LOLBeing An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 1 Dec 14, 2018View
4716ArticleDalek227Thank you Hoju! I will seek out your article Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 1 Dec 15, 2018View
4717ArticleDalek227Oh I love this so much!! I especially relate to the comments your friends dad made. People don’t think they sound as bad as they really do LOL I’m still adding parts to my article because it’s almost like therapy. What I find hard is when I’m writing, I’m thinking in the mindset of how I felt back then, but I don’t want people to think my childhood was all crap because it wasn’t. So I feel like I have to throw in a reminder here and there that it wasn’t total crap it just wasn’t the normal skinny kid childhood hahaBeing The Fat KidDec 15, 2018View