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5411ArticleVaporman87You know, I would personally consider GoldenEye a "party" game. Mainly because my brother and our friends played it more together when we gathered than any other multiplayer game. Apr 15, 2021View
5417ArticleVaporman87It wouldn't be a proper list without Ecto-Cooler on there. I had no idea that Pringles made printed on chips? That's an interesting concept. I'm surprised they didn't do more with that.12 Retro Snacks & Drinks I want to see Come BackMay 10, 2021View
5432ArticleVaporman87That sounds like a great place for some learning and adventure. I wish we had something even remotely close to this nearby.Homesick: Rochester Museum and Science CenterJun 08, 2021View
5435ArticleVaporman87I wish I could say I had a "corner store" nearby growing up. But I did not. I lived at the top of a hill on a dead-end road. The only thing nearby was the skating rink. But after college and a few years of working in the family business, I moved to Rutland and here we had a real, functioning department store. It carried about anything you could want... groceries, tools, had a deli... it was pretty great. It had been open for more than 100 years when it finally closed (thanks to slowing sales and the appearance of not one, but two new dollar stores... Dollar General and Family Dollar). I won't forget that old-timey feel of the interior of the store. I had heard tales of people 40 or 50 years ago bringing in their grocery lists, and clerks going around picking out the items listed for the customer. There was at one time a bank in the store, and the old vault remained there (becoming a little back office of sorts). And hey... it's where I first found Dutch and Hamato, so... there's that. LOL <p><img alt="" height="261" src="http://retro-daze.org/upload/web1_Rutland-Department-Store-Coleman2017112413522261.jpg" width="400" /></p>The Corner StoreJun 08, 2021View
5457ArticleVaporman87Great list you have here! A nice mix of classics, oddities, and licensed properties. The Goonies II is a title I wish I would have owned back in the day. Knowing now that it was intended as a sequel to the film makes me feel like I missed out on the further adventures of the gang. I remember bits and pieces of my time playing Blaster Master with my stepbrother. Good times. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and Double Dragon are simply unforgettable experiences. The fights in Punch-Out still give me anxiety! I would add Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Golgo-13, Bases Loaded, Metroid, and several others to my own list. I absolutely WORE OUT Bases Loaded. Loved that game. Ninja Gaiden opened my eyes to a new type of game… a cinematic style. Really look forward to what else you may have in store for us!The NES Games I Remember Playing:Part 1Aug 07, 2021View
5458ArticleVaporman87What a great idea for an article! Man, there are a wealth of things I’d like to have back. I still have cassette tapes that were meant to be used with the PXL2000, a low end video camera from Fisher-Price. It was my first video camera, and the video quality was black and white and pretty terrible. The version I got came with a small black and white TV that you could connect the camera to watch your videos. If I can find one online to buy someday, I can find out what is on those tapes. It would be the first time seeing their contents in over 3 decades. Other items I wish I still had… my Radio Shack Armatron, my programmable Big Trak, and my entire collection of Stomper vehicles and playset. There are several stuffed animals I wish I still had as well.The Things We've LostAug 07, 2021View
5466ArticleVaporman87Ahh man… that sucks about the college film. Who knows what might have been on it. More games to identify? The Things We've LostAug 09, 2021View
5474ArticleVaporman87Of these, the only show I couldn't get into was The Brak Show. All others were pretty decent, especially Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Missing here are two other funny ones... Harvey Birdman and Sealab 2021Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Aug 17, 2021View
5476ArticleVaporman87@Mr Magic: Yeah, it was intended to act as a sequel to the film. I've never played it, so I'm not sure what happens to the gang in it.The NES Games I Remember Playing:Part 1Aug 17, 2021View
5479ArticleVaporman87One of my favorite rewards for a playthrough of a game came from Guardian Heroes. Being able to play any of the unlocked NPC Characters from the story mode in an all-out battle royale of sorts was super fun. Who wouldn't want to have 15 fighters on a tiny screen going at it while you are some giant plant monster squishing them all. It was a blast.Rewarding Moments in GamingAug 27, 2021View