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5605ArticleMaxineshame this is US only, it feels outside of US is devoid any fun conventions  Feb 12, 2022View
5606ArticleBenjanimemmm, being that this is the first article from you i'll give this a fair rating, although to critique i should mention that your articles should have a bit more depth to them, more length, and especially more than just one paragraph when talking about something. the writing is definitely there, but to gain a good following you need to focus on these steps. you have some good examples here, but a few more in the listing would have given it some more flair. and if you can't come up with that many, just describe them with more length.Music and Nostalgia Feb 25, 2022View
5608ArticleOldSchool80sI do agree that prizes for most contests including school fundraisers were usually letdowns. Same thing if you ever ordered anything from inside a comic book! Your childhood timeframe seems to be well after mine, so do not relate to the other 2 you mentioned. I do relate to Vaporman87's story about MOTU going away. I also would compare to favorite TV shows being cancelled and/or seeing a movie that you thought was going to awesome only to be sorely mistaken.Top four disappointing moments of childhoodMar 06, 2022View
5609ArticleVaporman87@Maxine - Sorry to hear that. Even here in the states, most conventions that slant toward "retro" content are too focused on retro gaming. RetroCon 2017 ReportMar 09, 2022View
5610ArticleSteveUrkelMy mission is clear.Music and Nostalgia Mar 10, 2022View
5611ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I'm in complete agreement. Without Shredder and the budget to make the turtles animate convincingly, this movie was a total waste. I think the concept of going back in time could have worked pretty well in the hands of a better writing team and with Shredder once again stirring up trouble... perhaps with Krang at his side.TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 21, 2022View
5612ArticleMr MagicThe idea of not having Shredder was odd. I do remember liking the movie regardless, though.TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 21, 2022View
5613ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic coming back to it today i just can't bring myself to keep awake for it, it's that boring to me really. @Vapor i recall my older brother and his friends actually coming up with this concept where shredder becomes "hyper shredder" or "neon shredder" being a much stronger form of super shredder from secret of the ooze but that's all i can remember lolTMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 22, 2022View
5614Articleechidna64I never liked this movie, nothing but lame wet willy jokes. It always felt more like a direct-to-video movie than part of a trilogy. I'm not opposed to the time travel idea, it actually would have been fun to go into the future as well a la Bill and Ted. But alas we are just left with a dorky bird-obsessed villain and a loose connection to the previous films. TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 22, 2022View
5615Articleechidna64Also, how is Usagi Yojimbo not in this movie?TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 22, 2022View