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70VideoFulton4VNever could stand peewees playhouse. He just annoyed me to no end. Dec 17, 2012View
71VideoFulton4VI had a few of the toys. I was a pretty big fan of the show also.Centurions IntroDec 17, 2012View
72VideoVaporman87"And all the world will be your enemy... prince with a thousand enemies... and when they catch you, they will kill you. But first... they must catch you."Watership Down - Full MovieDec 17, 2012View
73VideoMr MagicWhat an intense moment. Great movie!The Breakfast Club - ClipDec 17, 2012View
74VideoVaporman87Yeah, plenty of good moments in the movie. An all time classic teen angst film.The Breakfast Club - ClipDec 18, 2012View
75VideoVaporman87A beautiful song, sung by a wonderful singer, for a great film.Watership Down - Bright EyesDec 18, 2012View
76VideoVaporman87There was a chain of Foodlands here in my area (actually there still are some). However, they are obviously not affiliated with this chain. Foodland (Australia)Dec 18, 2012View
77VideoVaporman87My friend Phil and I used to watch this religiously on any Friday night that he or I spent at the other's house.Friday Night Videos - NBCDec 18, 2012View
78VideoVaporman87"And at the end, let's just throw up some images of random crap..." said the janitor pretending to be the video director.Men Without Hats - Safety DanceDec 18, 2012View
80VideoVaporman87"That's a real shame when folks be throwin' a perfectly good white boy away..."Better Off Dead TrailerDec 18, 2012View