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5652ArticleJulieI didn't watch the episode (my Sega Genesis fault LOL) but I can imagine the embarrassment. Reminded me of my decades of being a bullying victim in all the schools I tried to study. Good article, my sweetheart. ❤ Jun 17, 2022View
5651ArticleBenjanime@Julie thank you always for your cute support, my love ❤Glover - A Trial and Error PlatformerJun 17, 2022View
5650ArticleJulieNever played this game before, but I remember it being showed on the gaming magazines of the time. And I agree with you, the game looks cute. ❤ One more article full of charisma, your registered mark, and video gaming passion. I love it from you, my sweet love @Benjanime! ❤❤Glover - A Trial and Error PlatformerJun 17, 2022View
5649ArticleMr MagicHidden Treasures and Sprinkle Spangles sound and taste very familiar.Rarely Remembered CerealsJun 16, 2022View
5648ArticlepikachuloverI only remember Hidden Treasures and Sprinkle Spangles. I begged my parents to buy me a box of Hidden Treasures and they tasted awful! You could always find the grape pieces because they were purple inside. I remember Sprinkle Spangles because they sent me a free sample. They were ok, but not good enough to buy a full size box. Rarely Remembered CerealsJun 16, 2022View
5647ArticleVaporman87Oh man. What an excellent recounting of a fun memory. I love these stories. Love the humorous way you tell it as well. Your fondness for the Han Solo Blaster reminds me of my relationship with my Shogun Godzilla. I still have that toy, and it's seen so much play through the years, I'm surprised it didn't crumble to pieces. I have photos of my opening it one special Christmas, though I can't remember the actual events. Many, many years later, I bought another one, complete in the box with instructions and everything. It's in FAR better condition than my original, but that broken down piece of plastic means a great deal more to me.My Very Own Han Solo BlasterJun 15, 2022View
5645ArticleMr MagicCan't say this my fave episode either. Not only was Iggy such a total jerk, but Sid and Stinky blabbed about the bunny pajamas, even when they promised not to. And look at the mess they got Arnold into!The Hey Arnold Episode The Creator HatedJun 15, 2022View
5644ArticleVaporman87Now you're speaking my language! I remember NONE of these cereals. Then again, I was in college for majority of the runs these cereals enjoyed. I love how crazy the gimmicks became as the '80s progressed and we headed into the '90s. Anything was fair game. Unlike nowadays, where we get next to no fun gimmicks, mascots, or funky flavors. Rarely Remembered CerealsJun 15, 2022View
5643vhsCoverJust_Esh_68'I can't even imagine how exciting it must have been to either unwrap this on Christmas morning, or slide it across the counter and lay out the c-note that it probably required to buy it back in 1980-something. Star Wars was my world for years and I watched this movie 3 or 4 times in the theatre alone; after all, in 1978 there were no VCRs in homes really, and it took years before a blockbuster movie ever made it to tape when they did. So we re-lived the wonder of the movies with the action figures and recreating scenes with our Han Solo blaster and homemade lightsabers!STAR-WARSJun 03, 2022View
5642ArticleMaxineone post by an old user recently posted - i'm tempted to say he's the last proper user of the whole forum. i made my acc on RJ in 2008 would be active until 2013 ish, i was never an active user and preferred to lurk, was also the girl nobody knew was a girl on there lmao Remembering RetroJunkMay 28, 2022View