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Well, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I am reminded of what it meant to me in my youth, in comparison to what it means now.



Then, Valentine's Day was a bit of a let down in that we did not get that particular holiday off in school. But, it usually involved very little as far as actual study (in grade school anyway). Instead, we celebrated by handing out a stack of Valentine's Day cards to our classmates and perhaps some chocolate. Then, at home, we would be presented with a massive heart shaped box of goodies.


Now, Valentine's Day is more personal. My wife and I share cards with one another and our kids, along with the traditional chocolate treats. Perhaps some gifts/flowers are given and we go out to dine together as a family.


What does it mean to you?

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i haven't really focused on it a lot during the years. from the second to fourth grade i got the usual valentine's day cards that were based on cartoons.

my fiance and i don't do anything for it besides maybe going out to a buffet restaurant if we have the money. i think this year i'll treat her to buffalo wild wings
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Nah. At least take her to Olive Garden. Some place that could be considered fancy, but also has endless salad and breadsticks to fill her up with so you can keep the tab low.
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