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Hear ye, Hear ye!

By: MissM

Watching a movie is a grand experience. There’s the actual movie, the real life story of how the movie came to be, and of course the music. Soundtracks are a fun way to connect with a movie on a more audio level. We all have those movies that contain songs or scores that just stick with us long after the credits roll. I recently came across two soundtracks that have been more and more enjoyable with each listen; moreover I have really wanted to talk about them for awhile now!


Revenge of the Nerds Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Revenge of the Nerds was one of my favorite movies growing up. I probably should not have been watching it at a young age, but my parents were always a little too permissive about the movies we watched. They used the “cover your eyes” method when a racy scene came on. That has got to be the worst method of movie watching ever. (I always managed to peek through my fingers.) Anyways, Revenge of the Nerds was a fantastic movie chock full of great cheesy 80s songs that are now mostly unheard of. Sure the movie featured great songs like the Talking Heads ‘Burning Down the House’ and Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ but those songs weren’t on the soundtrack. Here’s the track list:


Manhattan by Andrea & Hot Mink

Don’t Talk by Ya Ya

One Foot In Front Of The Other by Bone Symphony

Breakdown by The Rubinoos

They’re So Incredible by Revenge

Are You Ready? by Ya Ya

Are You Ready For The Sex Girls by Gleaming Spires

Right Time For Love by Pat Robinson and Jill Michaels

All Night Party by Gleaming Spires


The songs are all fun and if you have seen the movie than most of them will be recognizable. It is nice to hear certain songs in their entirety as there are only clips of the songs in the movie. A great deal of 80’s synth and other buzzes and beeps can be heard in some of the songs too. A few standouts for me are Manhattan, it sounds like something else I have heard before and is very catchy.


Both songs by Ya Ya have a fast paced feel that remind me of something that would be right at home in Top Gun. I dare anyone not to move to One Foot In Front Of The Other, it is simply a fun song. The Gleaming Spires have two songs on the soundtrack that are tacky in the best way possible. Are You Ready For The Sex Girls is exactly how it sounds, but there is something cheesy-fun about it, almost like the song could have been a reject from Van Halen or some other hair band from the 80s. All Night Party is also a fun tune from the Gleaming Spires as well.


My ultimate favorite song from the soundtrack though is Right Time For Love. It is a very simple song that gets a little repetitive, nevertheless I simply love it. Nothing can stop me from jamming out to this song in my car. I sing to my heart’s content.


If you are a fan of Revenge of the Nerds, I’d highly recommend this soundtrack. There are some great hidden gems that will help unleash your inner nerd for sure!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Music composed and conducted by Henry Mancini


All right, here’s the thing, I geek out over scores. There can be something very thrilling and exciting about listening to instrumental music from a movie without the dialogue and imagery from the film itself. For me, it brings back memories of the movie while also taking me on my own imaginative journey. What kind of story would I tell, or what kind of movie would I interact in if this music was playing? Sometimes I wish real life had composed music ready to play at any moment.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a special movie for me. I adore the song Moon River, and its use in the movie is splendid. Holly Golightly is a character that simply does not have her life together. I’ve often related to her and watching Audrey Hepburn play her in the movie is just mesmerizing. So is the score by Henry Mancini. Each song has that cool 60s vibe and this soundtrack could make for perfect background music at a party. I get lost in the soundtrack whenever I hear it. Here is the track listing:


Moon River

Something For Cat

Sally’s Tomato

Mr. Yunioshi

The Big Blow Out

Hub Caps And Tail Lights

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Latin Golightly


Loose Caboose

The Big Heist

Moon River Cha Cha


Some of my favorites are (obviously) Moon River, Something For Cat, and Latin Golightly. The fun thing for me with these songs is that I was not alive during the 60s, so to hear this music and imagine what it was like back then is engaging. Life is already full of its own dramas and problems; every now and then it is nice to escape into an imaginative musical wonderland.


Both of these soundtracks were purchased at Frye’s Electronics. If you are not familiar with Frye’s it is like the ultimate destination for electronics, movies, music, and video games. (They also have a decent toy selection too.) I believe each soundtrack was five dollars each and worth every penny. Check them out if you find any of it interesting! 


Do you have a favorite soundtrack to a retro movie? Share it with me! Hope you are all doing well.             

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Looking for more from MissM?

MissM Posted on Jan 11, 2014 at 07:28 PM

Fulton, one of the things I had hoped for on this soundtrack (and your comment reminded me that I totally missed mentioning it) was that I had hoped that the scene with the different bands playing in the talent show would have been featured on the soundtrack. The opening music from the talent show is on the soundtrack, but it is an entirely different song, (They're So Incredible by Revenge.) When I first heard it I was like, "Yes! They included that whole bit." But no. lol It was a different song.

Vaporman- I think my first soundtrack was the Madonna I'm Breathless Dick Tracy soundtrack, which, I don't know if that totally counts. I liked collecting soundtracks as a teen. I didn't do it a whole lot when I was younger, like in middle school I'd just get blank tapes and record songs off the radio. It wasn't until around being a teen that I really got into collecting soundtracks and things like that. And by collecting, it was mostly just soundtracks to movies I really liked. lol

And I agree, sometimes the best music has come from a soundtrack due to the nice mix of various artists.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 08, 2014 at 05:09 PM

Agreed Fulton. That was a classic scene.

Regarding movie soundtracks, I rarely purchased one in my early teens. I did eventually buy the TMNT movie soundtrack (which I believe was the first soundtrack I ever purchased) and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I was 16 when that movie came out, so I was late coming to the "soundtrack" scene.

After that purchase, I think movie soundtracks were the bulk of what I purchased as far as music is concerned. I liked that I could get a good mix of different styles of music, from various artists, all on one tape (or CD).

Fulton4V Posted on Jan 07, 2014 at 09:41 PM

The scene where the different bands play was my always my favorite of the Nerds movie. Its still one of my favorite movies of the 80s and it had some good songs.

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