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Our Goonies Adventure

By: NLogan

My dad won't leave me alone until I finish telling you guys about our trip. Why are you asking so many questions dad? Fine if you'll leave me alone, and a treat. I get a treat. Fine. Geez.

Day 1 Driving to Oregon

The drive there was terrible. It was way too long. We drove a lot. We drove all day. My dad woke us up really early and it was like 13 hours or something to get there. We had our road trip survival food (snacks), books, and our tablets. Every so often my dad would say, "Boys! Look!" if there was some vaguely interesting rock or some animal or hawk along the way. He also resorted to his favorite dad joke multiple times. He would shout, "Hey!" and point and we would all look to see something interesting. Instead it would be bales of hay or a truck hauling bales of hay. Me and my brother would groan and my mom would roll her eyes. My dad would just chuckle and say, "Works every time!" We had our pillows and blankets in the back of the car with us and the rest was packed in the trunk. So we could nap whenever we wanted. I slept most of the way there. Oh and my dad was blaring the Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits CD over and over again because he said it was road tripping music. By the third time around I was sick of it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trippin'

Road trippin' with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It's time to leave this town it's time to steal away
Let's go get lost anywhere in the U.S.A.

Driving through Idaho we stopped to get food at a 50s diner. My dad always makes us go to someplace unique that we have never been to before or that we don't have at home. So we never know if the food will be good. The sign outside made me think that it wouldn't be.

Ice cream on a potato!? Are they crazy? I don't think so! I had a cheese burger though and it wasn't too bad.

Day 2 Cannon Beach

So before we even left on the trip my dad made us watch the Goonies movie saying, "We will go there, and there, and there." He made sure we were paying attention. I like the movie. It's pretty good. My dad loves it. He grew up watching it. He was 8 years old when it came out in 1985. My mom was done sometime during the extras, deleted scenes, and the music video. My dad also watched a bunch of other movies for his trip planning research like Kindergarten Cop, Point Break, and even a vampire chick flick Twilight. He will be mad if you tell him so don't say that I told you about that.

So after all that driving the days kinda blurred together. We went to I think three different beaches. That was pretty cool. Because I have only been to the beach a couple of times because we live by the mountains and the ocean is far away. We also went to a bunch of waterfalls. But I think the first day we went to Cannon Beach. My dad made us wake up really early and pile in the car again, more driving yikes! He wanted to be there right at the start of low tide to look for animals in the tide pools. It was overcast when we got there and just as we got parked and out onto the beach a squall started. My dad says that is a small storm in only one spot on the ocean.

We bought new raincoats for everyone in the family for the trip and they came in handy. It was really windy and the rain was coming in sideways! My mom had a line down her jeans where the back was wet and the front was dry when she turned her back to the rain. Then the sun came out, and was out for the rest of the trip.

My dad would shout,

whenever there was something Goonies related to see. This time it was Haystack Rock where they filmed the truck race on the beach that the Fratellis bad guys got away in.

My dad quoted lines from the movie all day. It got old fast.

"Trust your dear old mother boys. Throw 'er into four-wheel drive and hold on to your hats."

We looked in tide pools and saw anemones, crabs, starfish, and these sea slugs nudibranchs that were pretty cool.

My dad and I were running along the sand when the waves went back racing to see more before the water covered it up again. The tide was coming in and I was gonna get wet so I cut a corner instead of following dad. I didn't see that the water got deeper around this rock and I ended up falling down a giant hole. I got soaked. 

I ended up getting some souvenir sweatpants that say Cannon Beach on them to change into.

Then we drove up to Astoria the town that the Goonies live in. My dad was getting more excited by the minute. Our first stop was the Goonies Museum (Oregon Film Museum) where the Fratellis, the bad guys broke out of jail. Parked out front was the Jeep they used.

"four wheel deal, this real neat ORV."

"Let go of the handle! I don't have the handle! Open the lock!"

The back of the Jeep even had the bullet holes.

"Bullet Holes the size of Matzah balls."

Inside they had a place you could have your booking photo taken. My brother was busted!

You could pose in the jail cell where the bad guy pretended to hang himself to escape. They even had the note.

"You schmuck! Did you really think that I would be stupid enough to kill myself?"

In another cell they had Mikey's bike and Data's trench coat with all his gadgets. Data's Bully Blinders, Pinchers of Peril, Emergency Boxing Glove, Suction cup belt, and Slick Shoes inventions.

In one cell they had all this Goonies stuff like cards, a  Sloth guy, and the board game, and the Nintendo video game, and stuff.

"That must be where the rich stuff is."

In other parts of the museum they had the statue of David that Chunk breaks, the doubloon, the copper bones, and Chester Copperpot's wallet.

"Niente. Kids must've cleaned him out."

The Museum had a place where you could film scenes from a movie with a blue screen like a car chase and stuff. They also had a room where you could become a Goonie by saying the oath.

"I will never betray my Goon deck friends. We'll stick together until the whole world ends. Through heaven and hell and nuclear war. Good pals like us will stick like tar. In the city, or the country or the forest or the boonies. I am proudly declared a fellow Goonie."

"Hey you guys!" "Sloth loves Chunk!"

Across the street from the Goonies museum was the museum (Captain George Flavel House Museum) that Mikey and Brand's dad worked at.

  "assistant curly, curny. Curator. That's what I said."

We drove by the bowling alley (Lower Columbia Bowling) where Chunk sees the police chase.

We went to the Goondocks to see Mikey and Data's houses but they don't let people up there anymore because somebody vandalized the houses or something. So we had to see it from a distance.

"Jerk alert!!"

We also went in the little store that was in the deleted scene. It is now a coffee shop with a small amount of Goonies souvenirs.

We went to the pier (East Mooring Basin) where Steph dunks her head in the water and pulls out a crab from the movie beginning and we saw sea lions.

Then we drove to Portland and got Voodoo Doughnuts and food from a food truck before going into this giant bookstore as big as a whole block.

Day 3 Ecola State Park, Indian Beach, Clatsop Loop Trail, Cresent Beach

The next day we went to Ecola State Park where the Goonies kids see the rocks and the older brother gets pushed off the cliff on the little girl's bike by the guy in the red car. We saw elk and lots of cool trees with moss on them. My dad found the exact place where the kids pull their bikes up and see the rocks from the doubloon. He pointed out where the Lighthouse Lounge bad guy hideout used to be and where we could line up the holes in the doubloon with the Tillamook Lighthouse.

"The lighthouse, rock, and restaurant all fit the doubloon. That must mean that the rich stuff is near the restaurant."

We had a picnic, went hiking in the rainforest, watched whales out in the ocean by the lighthouse from on top of a cliff, and played on the beach. My dad looked for more tide pools while me and my brother made a sandcastle and played in the water. My brother ended up soaked and got some souvenir Oregon Coast sweats to change into.

Day 4 Hug Point

There were actually a few days where we did other stuff like hike ten miles and see a ton of waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park but my dad says since it is not Goonies related I don't have to tell you.

We went to another beach to find sea caves and play. We pretended we were the Goonies trying to find a way out of One Eyed Willie's caves and dodging his booty traps.

"You mean booby traps. That's what I said, booby traps. These guys."

"It's another one of Willy's tricks. Get out of the way!"

It was my favorite beach, not far from Cannon Beach. There was a part where at low tide you could walk around Hug Point to the other side. But at high tide it was underwater.

There was even a waterfall by the caves where we pretended to find the wishing well money from the movie.

Day 5 The drive back home.
Same as the last time in reverse. Except for different restaurants. Still way too long.

I guess my dad is still in a Goonies kick. After he got home he made the map from the movie on real parchment and a One Eyed Willy Skull.

"Ye intruders beware. Crushing death and grief, soaked
with blood, of the trespassing thief."

"I can't tell... if it's an "A sharp" or if it's a "B flat"!

"Heh, if you hit the wrong note, we'll all "B flat!"

"Yo. Hi guys. How's it going? This is Willy...One Eyed Willy.
Say Hi Willy. Those are my friends... the Goonies."

Dad can I be done?  Where's my treat?

Narration/interview -NLogan Jr.
Transcription/Editing -NLogan

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jkatz Posted on Jun 19, 2018 at 07:11 PM

Never say die!

This part of Oregon looks beautiful. I really need to visit it some day.

Hoju Koolander Posted on Jun 19, 2018 at 05:52 PM

I got a personal preview of these photos a while back and was amazed, but hearing your son's perspective brought it alive in a hilarious way. Long live Dad Jokes!

Superman Posted on Jun 18, 2018 at 11:13 PM

This seems to have been a really fun trip. Seeing locations from a childhood favorite film in person with your kids has got to be quite an experience.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jun 18, 2018 at 05:54 PM

What an awesome journey. To be able to visit all of these important locations in the film, knowing how culturally significant they are to Gen-X folks like us. Reminds me of Hoju's trip to some locations where Bill and Ted was filmed. Memories that will last forever!

OldSchool80s Posted on Jun 17, 2018 at 07:29 PM

This is so awesome! I love Goonies and I have always thought about traveling out to Astoria. Very cool how you were able to tell the story though the eyes of your son. What an awesome trip.

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