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Films Almost Made

This article will be written about the films that never got made or at least haven't yet.

From what I heard this was popular enough to make into a film. I think a writer in the 90's attempted to write a script but failed to get anywhere with it. 

Was left off the Game To Films article, but made it on this list. The game itself was very clever and scary and I think the poster looks very interesting. I haven't heard of any script on it but after Silent Hill and the dreadful Resident Evil films, this might make a good one.

Apparently the original script for a film called Colony was very good, but never got made. Such a shame from a Van Damme fan that it never got made, nor did he get to play the part of Gambit in the X-Men films.

I enjoyed barbarian and destroyer films, and this film, which I think is in the works, looks very good. It looks like a right part to play at his age.

Paul Verhovan's epic adventure never got made with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I didn't read all of the background but I heard it was very bloody.

There had been several attempts to continue the story established in the original "Escape From" movies, and the details about these projects will make fans wonder what could have been.

After following up Escape from New York with Escape from L.A., Carpenter and Kurt Russell both were keen on bringing back Snake Plissken for a third movie. Determined to top the first two movies by going much bigger, the idea was to do a sequel called Escape from Earth. The plot would be set years after Snake had put an end to electricity in the second movie, essentially putting the entire planet into an apocalyptic wasteland. With no hope left of rescuing the planet, Snake looks to escape from Earth the same way he had New York and L.A. in sequels past. Despite Carpenter and Russell's best efforts, however, no studio wasn't willing to bite on funding the ambitious sequel, and Escape from Earth ultimately died in development hell.

One of my favorite super heroes had a teaser for a film in 2008 which was very impressive. It ended the teaser with the flash taking a crook off the building with flames behind him, saving a woman.

As a fan of the originals this, looked very good at the time. It would have been made in the middle east somewhere, but got called off due to some writers strike or the war at the time. I may be wrong on that. I heard it involved his son although that didn't interest me that much.

Escape from super max was a script very popular at the moment and I hope they make it one day. 

I knows there is a script on the internet somewhere but I bought the game on the PS3 which was very fun. .

I thought this version of I am Legend was very good. Ridley Scott was meant to direct it but the budget would have been very high. Arnold Schwarzenegger was meant to play the main part. I've seen some of the storyboards which looked very exciting and you could see how the story would have gone.

I think Kevin Smith wrote this film and it looked extravagant in the artwork, but maybe a bit over the top. Tim Burton was meant to direct it and Nicholas Cage was meant to play Superman himself, although I would rather see Billy Crudup of Watchmen fame play the Man of Steel.

Knight Rider - The car looked very cool and a remake would look very good. Although only a teaser poster was available. I'm not sure if there is a script written for it. I heard Chris Pratt was interested or fan choice to play Michael Knight in it.

For me, the biggest let down for something not making it to the big screen would have to be James Cameron's Spider-Man. I read reviews and some of the script and it was very impressive. It was meant to be made in '92 or '94. Very heroic in places, especially the climax at the end on top of the twin towers. Not sure who the original web slinger may have been, although my choice would have been Chris O'Donnell. Would be nice if Cameron spoke about it in an interview!

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jkatz Posted on Apr 22, 2019 at 05:50 PM

What about Batman Triumphant, the planned follow-up to Batman and Robin? Not much was confirmed about it, other than that it would've had The Scarecrow as the main antagonist.

Vaporman87 Posted on Apr 22, 2019 at 05:37 PM

@Ben: I can't imagine it doing very well anyway. Not only did the Jetsons not enjoy the same success as the Flintstones, but at this point it appears as though the fascination with '60s cartoons to film has wained a bit.

Benjanime Posted on Apr 22, 2019 at 04:59 PM

i always wondered whatever happened to that live action jetsons movie that was going be a follow up of the flintstones movie, it was planned as a movie for the early 2000s, but instead we got flintstones: viva rock vegas. the last that was heard about the live action jetsons was it getting a 2012 release, but it was just rumor. i guess it's safe to say that it's never seeing the light of day at this point.

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