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Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 22

By: NLogan


Uncanny X-Men by Dave Cockrum

Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 22

Continuing our journey to understand the Wolverine character as was revealed to the reader issue to issue, month to month through his publication history. So from a reader's point of view, here is Logan's history, who he was, and how and when we learned it!

Uncanny X-Men 155

March 1982

Writer: Chris Claremont

Penciller: Dave Cockrum

The X-Men are transported unexpectedly to space by the Shi'ar.

Again the expository narrative explains Wolverine's razor-keen adamantium claws and the housings from which they extrude built into his forearms.

Wolverine showing that as always, he is irascible, quick to anger. Who wouldn't be if you were suddenly pulled from an island in the Bermuda Triangle where you were last comforting the beautiful Carol Danvers?

After learning that the Shi'ar Empress Lilandra has been kidnapped by terrorists Wolverine shows some uncharacteristic callousness, hearkening back to his early days with the team and at odds with the friendships he has made and the family he is a part of. During the majority of that time however Professor X didn't accompany the team on missions or was absent and the same rapport was not built between them as with the original team.

The Shi'ar perceived that the trail of the terrorist kidnappers led to Earth and subsequently that all the inhabitants of the Earth were responsible. They wanted to go down in force to rescue the Empress regardless of collateral damage in lives and property. Xavier used his position as consort to forbid it. The Shi'ar delayed action for one rotation of the planet. During which the X-Men would attempt to rescue Lilandra. They first attempted to recruit the Avengers and Fantastic Four to help against this threat to the planet, only one member of the Avengers, Tigra, is home. Wolverine frustrated at not being able to do anything and wasting time on inaction lets his temper boil over at Tigra who is just trying to lighten the mood.

He is quick to change his tune when Charles lets them know he was attempting to locate her telepathically during their inactivity. He still challenges Xavier's authority by using the familiar term Charley even when told not to however he immediately reports what his senses tell him and that even though Storm and Corsair are not nearby he is willing to locate them.

Cyclops's impression that Deathbird must be as tough as Wolverine because he is hitting her hard but that she is still dangerous and that any more power would be lethal levels.

For whatever reason the letterer Joe Rosen switches spelling on Wolverine's familiarity of Charley to Charlie. Wolverine quickly dispatches the Brood sniper.

Wolverine displays his skill with his claws slashing Storms bindings that are ever constricting without harming her while she is being thrown through the air.

In contrast to the first sniper that Wolverine immediately dispatched, he tells the second sniper that it fights better than anyone or anything he has encountered. But still he kills it in moments.

Either through Wolverine's senses and his knowledge of anatomy, he knows that Colossus is wounded mortally. He was a trained assassin and to kill you need to know what is lethal to a body, also he would be able to detect Colossus' heart beat and respiration with his senses. We know he also possesses life saving skills such as CPR as we saw in Uncanny X-Men 150.*

*See Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 19 -NLogan

Uncanny X-Men 156

April 1982

Writer: Chris Claremont

Penciller: Dave Cockrum

Wolverine vows to avenge Colossus' probable death.

Again Wolverine is aware that Peter is dying and no amount of first aid available to them in the moment will stop that.

As the X-Men are surrounded by policemen who hold them responsible for the destruction of a two hundred million dollar building under construction, Wolverine points out that they are being teleported again. This time saved by the Starjammers. Colossus is put into a life support module onboard the Starjammer ship with medical droid sikorsky attending to him, even with advanced space technology it is still a life or death situation hanging in the balance.

The Starjammer ship is captured by the Brood and the battle begins. The X-Men and Starjammers are able to repel the alien invaders from boarding and blast through the living starship to escape for the moment.

Marvel Graphic Novel 1 Death of Captain Marvel

April 1982

Writer/Artist Jim Starlin

Heroes from across the Marvel Universe come to say goodbye to the dying Captain Marvel (Mar-vell) and Wolverine as a member of the X-Men is no exception, even though as far as I know the X-Men have never met, fought with or against him. Only former X-Man Beast as a member of the Avengers had met and fought alongside Mar-vell. Still both Wolverine and Colossus make the cover to this issue with Marvel using the popularity of the flagship characters with all of the most popular (Spider-Man, Hulk, Daredevil, and Dr. Strange) or members of popular team books (Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men) present as a draw to buy this the first graphic novel.

'Nuff said! Until next time bub!

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