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Rarely Remembered Animated Shows


Let's step back to a time when you didn't have control over what you watched. Streaming didn't exist. You watched what they decided when they decided and you liked it. Here are three animated TV shows from the 90's that many have forgotten. 

Family Dog (1993, one season)
This is the one nobody remembers. It was one of the many animated prime-time shows created to compete with the Simpsons and it only lasted a few weeks.
I guess the theme was a troublesome dog in a family with... troublesome kids? The animation seems to constantly move or wiggle slightly. Not like the Dr. Katz/Science Court/Home Movies wiggling but a seemingly unintentional shifting or sliding, as if the show is slowly falling apart as you watch.

Anyway, here's the first episode if you want to watch it for some weird reason. 

Space Cats (1991, one season)
Maybe THIS is the one nobody remembers? It was a Saturday morning cartoon and it was on super early. This was like a pre-show to the Saturday Morning cartoons. I remember struggling to get up this early. My brother would have reason to gloat, as he usually caught the show and I often would miss it.
Anyway, it's a concept that you can't go wrong with (it's cats in space), it had live-action puppet sequences and a very memorable theme song. Not bad!

Here's episode 1, where a clown TV host is (spoiler) replaced by a robot who promotes violence on the clown's show. Now that's how you start a series. 


The PJ's (1999, three seasons)
This is the most well-known one here for sure. I wish this show got more credit though. It's not in syndication anywhere that I know of. It starred Eddy Murphy as the building supervisor for the Hilton-Jacobs projects. It's stop motion, well written, quite funny, and it even won some Primetime Emmy awards. This one I gotta recommend!

Check out episode 1 here, then maybe watch the other 47 episodes later. 







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Looking for more from SteveUrkel?

RetroOtaku620 Posted on May 10, 2023 at 07:35 PM

Yeah, the Big Guy and Rusty should have been on this list.

Benjanime Posted on Mar 15, 2023 at 10:01 PM

umm... i actually remember family dog quite well. even the bargain bin super nintendo game. as for the PJs, it's been on the tubi app for quite a long time.

echidna64 Posted on Mar 15, 2023 at 08:41 PM

Big Guy and Rusty

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