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Disney 100: 5 of my Favorite Disney Songs

For many of us, Disney has been a big part of our childhood. Whether it's a particular movie, TV show, video game, comic, toy or song, we have all grown up with Disney in one way or another. And since this year marks Disney's 100th anniversary, I figured the best way to celebrate is to make an article or two regarding my favorite Disney moments for my childhood. In this article, I will be going over five of my favorite Disney songs. These are some that I grew up with and have a special connection with. To be clear, these are songs from Disney movies. I might do a article regarding theme songs for Disney shows in the near future. Also, these are songs that I listen to as a kid, back in the 90s and early 2000s. So don't expect to see songs like Immortals from Big hero 6 or Let It Go from Frozen. For now, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are five of my favorite Disney songs.


Under the Sea from 'The Little Mermaid' (1989)

Starting this list off is a Disney song that is not just a favorite of mine, but also near and dear to my mom's heart as well. Sung in The Little Mermaid, which came out in 1989, Under the Sea is an iconic song. In the movie, Ariel, the main protagonist of the movie, has taken an interest in the surface world. Her father, King Triton, has an extreme dislike of the surface dwellers, especially the humans, and forbids her from going up there. Agreeing with her father, the King's advisor, Sebastian the crab (who is my mom's favorite character in the movie) attempts to convince her to stay down in the water and not to go to the service. In the song, Sebastian explains the many dangers of the surface world and why the ocean is so much better. While Sebastian's words fell on deaf ears, many fans who remember this song, still Jam to it to this very day, myself and my mom included. This song was so popular, that it made its return in the 2023 live action reboot for The Little Mermaid. The reason my mom loves this song particularly, is because the character who sings it, Sebastian, speaks with a Jamaican accent, and my mom herself is from Jamaica. As for me, I just love the tropical feel that this song has, and would listen to it any chance I get.


I Just Can't Wait to be King from The Lion King (1994)

Next up is a Disney song that came out in the decade I was born in. Coming out in 1994 and loosely based on the Shakespeare play, Hamlet, The Lion King followed a lion cub named Simba, who dreams of being the king of the pride lands, just like his father, Mufasa. He's so excited to be king, that he even sings a song about it. He sings about all the different things he would do when he becomes king. This song, as well as the movie it came from, are still favorites for every '90s kid to this day, myself included. There have been multiple versions of this song over the years, including the version of it from the 2019 remake of The Lion King. Personally though, I prefer the original.


The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book (1967)

Coming out in 1967 and based on the novel of the same name, The Jungle Book follows a young boy named Mowgli, who is raised by a pack of wolves as a baby in the jungles of India. As he goes older, he attracts the intention of the tiger, Sher Khan, who wishes to kill the man cub. In order to protect Mowgli, Bagheera the panther seek to return him to the village where he was from. Eventually, him and Mowgli run into Baloo, who tries to convince Mowgli to stay in the jungle, much to Bagheera's dismay. This is where we get to Baloo's song, where he teaches Mowgli about the bare necessities of life. While this song, and this movie, both came out before I was even born, I did end up watching it later when I was younger. Since then, both the movie and the song have been big favorites of mine and my mom's. Like the last two songs, there have been multiple versions of this song, including a version of it from the 2016 remake. Not only that, but the song was also sung in the 2003 sequel, The Jungle Book 2. You got to admit, for a bear, Baloo sure knew how to carry a tune!


Friend Like Me from Aladdin (1992)

Coming out in 1992 and based on one of the Arabian Nights tales, Aladdin follows the title character, who, after living in the slumps of Agrabah for so long, falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine, after getting captured by the palace guards, he and his sidekick, Abu, runs into a disguised Jafar, who seeks the magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders, and convinces Aladdin to go into the cave and get the lamp. After meeting a magic carpet and almost dying due to Abu's own greed and Jafar's betrayal, Aladdin and his friends are trapped in the Cave of Wonders. With the lamp in hand, Aladdin decides to rub it, releasing the genie from inside it. From there, The Genie (voiced by the late great Robin Williams) who sings about never having a friend like him and all the things you could wish for. This song is also a favorite of myself and my mom. Like the other ones I talked about, there have been multiple versions of this song, including a version of it by Will Smith from the 2019 reboot of Aladdin. While I agree that Will Smith knocked it out of the park as the genie, I still prefer the original Robin Williams version. Rest in peace Mr. Williams. No one will be able to fill your shoes. (Except for you, Mr. Smith.)


Eye to Eye from A Goofy Movie (1995)

Coming out in 1995, A Goofy Movie follows Goofy's teenage son, Max, who definitely tries be the cool kid despite his dad being, well, Goofy. After an attempt to impress the girl of his dreams, Roxanne, backfires, leading to him and his friends getting in trouble, Max is supposed to go on a summer road trip with his dad. In a last ditch effort to impress her, Max tells Roxanne that he'll be performing on stage with their favorite music star, Powerline. After some crazy on-the-road hijinks, some father-son bonding and a near-death experience or two, Max and Goofy eventually make it to the Powerline concert, and despite Goofy nearly getting electrocuted to death and Max almost getting caught by security, they both managed to get on stage with Powerline. Together, they dance to what is easily in my all-time favorite Disney song! Seriously! Between the awesome music, the Cool lyrics, and the amazing dance scene, this is hands down one of the best Disney songs of all time. At least, in my opinion. Well they haven't been that many versions of this song (not officially, anyway), there have been plenty of fan covers of the song. I always listen to this song when I get the chance, even having it as one of my alarms on my phone. And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


And now you have it, folks! Five of my favorite Disney songs. Now these are just my favorites, so tell me what are your favorite Disney songs in the comments. Thank you for reading my article! Maybe I'll make another Disney article when I get the chance. Until then, and as Mickey would say, "see ya real soon!"

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Benjanime Posted on Aug 10, 2023 at 07:24 PM

I recall hearing these same songs a little too much during my time in early grade school, not to say that I didn't like listening to them anymore, I guess they were just a bit too overplayed for my liking. I think one day I'll make my own Disney song listing.

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