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My Top 4 Pearl Jam Albums.



I'm a big fan of Pearl Jam's older music.  In fact, I'd go as far as to say they are by far my favorite 90's band and were the greatest band to come out of the 1990's decade (either them or The Smashing Pumpkins).  And I have always much preferred Pearl Jam over Nirvana.  And while I don't really keep up with their new music and haven't liked their last two's hard to deny they were an alternative rock powerhouse for so many years and were able to release several good albums for so many years.

What I am going to with this article is give you my Top 4 favorite Pearl Jam albums, rank them and give my own opinion on each of them.

4. Yield (1998):

At number four on my list is the 1998 release, Yield.

Yield is such a good and underrated album and really perfectly displays the talent Pearl Jam use to have as a band together. It came out at a time when the band had come to terms with where they were popularity and music-wise and were just willing to let loose and make good rock 'n' roll records and the band just felt like making a very mellow and straightforward laid-back rock album.

I just love how different Yield sounds in comparison to Pearl Jam's previous works and how different the album in comparison to everything that has come after. The whole album is the closest Pearl Jam ever came to sounding like U2. The album contains the very well known rocker "Do The Evolution," in which the band produced their very first music video for it since 1992. The album also contains several great tracks such as the rocking opener "Brain Of J," "Faithful," "No Way," the smash lead single "Given To Fly," "Wishlist," "Pilate," "MFC," "Low Light" and the very poppy and catchy "In Hiding."

3. Vs. (1993):

At number three on my list of Top 4 favorite Pearl Jam albums is the 1993 hard-rocking sophomore release Vs. (1993).

Vs. is such a raw and classic passionate rock album coming from the grunge titans. The album starts off with the heavy and incredible "Go," the even HEAVIER "Animal" and the iconic Pearl Jam ballad, "Daughter." It also contains several other iconic Pearl Jam tracks such as "Elderly Woman," "Rats," "Dissident," "Glorified G" and "W.M.A."

I just LOVE Vs. and love how much rawer in sound it is in comparison to Pearl Jam's debut album Ten (1991).

2. Vitalogy (1994):

At number two on my list is the experimental and diverse, punk rock-influenced Vitalogy (1994).

Vitalogy is such a great album and represents the last of the days when Pearl Jam was still the biggest band in America.  The album is MUCH MORE diverse in sound in comparison to the band's first two albums as it is much more punk sounding and features a few of the band's best and iconic ballads such as the incredible and iconic "Better Man" as well as "Nothingman" and contains other great Pearl Jam tracks like "Spin The Black Circle," "Corduroy," "Not For You" and "Whipping."

Vitalogy also contains several experimental interludes, a couple which bring down the album rating for me and keep it from being the band's best album.

1. Ten (1991):

And number one on my list of Top 4 Favorite Pearl Jam Albums is the one and only, the band's 1991 diamond-selling debut album, Ten (1991).

Ten just couldn't be anywhere else but #1 on my list. It's an Grunge/Alternative Rock CLASSIC that along with Nirvana's Nevermind (1991)...forever changed rock music. It also blew my mind as a Late 2000's teenager and forever changed my musical tastes (as some kid who KNEW NOTHING about rock music beyond Creed and Nickelback) when I first heard it all the way through and it is one of my favorite albums of all time. Songs like "Black," "Even Flow," "Alive," "Jeremy," "Oceans" and "Why Go" are just TIMELESS rock tracks and Ten (1991) is one of those albums that will always be rediscovered by future generations as a timeless classic 90's rock 'n' roll album.

Well that concludes the article! Please leave me your thoughts on the article and what you think of Pearl Jam and my Top 4 favorite Pearl Jam albums and have a good day!

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