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Mr Magic
I ask this because the long-running Degrassi: The Next Generation is coming to an end after 14 seasons.

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I used to sometimes watch the one with the kid in a wheelchair (now drake).
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I never watched the Degrassi series, but this news does have me wondering what Teennick is going to do next. Degrassi is really one of the few originally programming Teennick has on their network. Everything else seems to be mostly reruns of sitcoms from Nickelodeon as well as other networks... and of course, they also have their late night 90s Nick block which feels dead to me, IMO.
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my sister loved the show
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After watching the Jay and Silent Bob episodes of Next Generation, I got hooked for a few years. It's very interesting. It's like a Saved by the Bell, without the camp, and about real kids. 
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