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Mr Magic
I learned about Lee's death today, but not Dusty Rhodes' death!

RIP to Saruman and the American Dream!
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Yup R.I.P.

It stinks so much
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I know! I was stunned too! Waiting for the third person to die.. It always seems to be in threes..

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Caps 2.0
Today also saw the announcements of the deaths of Ron Moody (Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor for "Oliver!"), Ornette Coleman (jazz innovator) and Robert Chartoff (who won Best Picture for producing "Rocky" and also produced a wide array of films from the 1960s to this decade). A very bad day for retro pop culture...
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shakin steak
Looks like your third person was three people, how's that for luck
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Well this is all sucky news. Great talents all. It's been a rough year for fans of movies and television.
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I sometimes forget how old Christopher Lee was. But man, he was awesome. Such a bummer seeing him go. But he lived a long and fulfilling life! Couldn't ask for more.
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Sad to hear about Dusty Rhodes.
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Christopher Lee was a major hit for me. The man was one of the most interesting people ever to walk the planet. 
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