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Rick Ace Rhodes
As I'm finishing up a couple of other articles I've been writing, last night as I was watching TV in my apartment I came up with a new idea for an article series: washed-up celebrities.

My articles would detail the early life of celebrities, their rise to fame, their prime, their fall and what's going on right now with them. Each article would cover a certain celebrity, whether it be actors from film, musicians and even athletes.

Who would you like to see? So far I have numerous individuals, such as Dustin Diamond, Steven Seagal, Andrew Dice Clay, Tara Reid and such athletes as Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong, Ryan Leaf and Jose Canseco.

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Wow. Great idea for a series. I'll have to rack my brain for some subjects here. Ricky Schroeder perhaps? Scott Baio?
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Mr Magic
Britney Spears.
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