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I was shocked when i read about it. He was great in the eagles and he also had a great solo career with songs like "The Heat is On" and "You Belong to the City".

The Heat Is On was a great tune. A great anthem for the fast cars and action stars of 80's films. Beyond that, I was not into the Eagles, so I knew little about his career with them. It's been a rough couple weeks for the entertainment industry. R.I.P. Glenn.
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It's amazing to think back to all the great songs Glenn took part in but I'm like you ghost man I never really got into the Eagles. Glenn's solo songs are what reached me.

Everyone, I am so, so sorry! Had no idea that 2016 would start off this way. If only I could rewind the calendar back to December.

Rest In Peace Glenn Frey.

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You said it Edd. If only. We haven't even reached the end of January yet.
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so many deaths in one month....
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2016 has definitely got off to a tough start in short order when it comes to these losses. Buckle up, it could be a tough year.

I have always loved the Eagles and Frey's solo work as well.  I think my favorite solo was "You Belong to the City".  #RIP
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