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Mr Magic
Drug Abuse Resistance Education

I seem to remember these guys coming to my school in the 90s.

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To quote RD, "There's no hope with dope, man."
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Wasn't this program generally considered a huge failure? It didn't seem to have much of an effect on the kids where I grew up (or me, for that matter).
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I wanna say in May I had a run in with someone from D.A.R.E., suffice to say it didn't last long after he asked if I support pot and I said yes. 
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i remember my middle school homeroom class getting introduced to it from some dude in his 30s and everyone just kinda got bored, then the guy put in a vhs movie that was animated to try and get everyone's attention. then the next year pretty much everyone forgot it existed and started focusing on pok'emon
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I was in it. They used to tell us strange things like you can get high off aspirin. Where I went to school there were a lot of gangs so it was more about gang prevention than about drugs. They made us watch some dramatized film that was produced by one of the police departments about a boy who joins a gang and then dies when he is shot in his front yard or something.
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The D.A.R.E program didn't really work, especially if you have Asperger's Syndrome like I do, and as a result of that, take things literally. D.A.R.E said that all drugs were the same, and all were bad for you. As I got older, and I heard people saying that a glass of wine a day could be good for your health, or extolling the virtues of medical marijuana, I became confused. My teachers in high school said "everything is okay in moderation", while D.A.R.E said that it was all bad for you and would kill you.

Even before I changed my mind about drugs in the 00s, I lost faith in the D.A.R.E program when I was at a fireman's/policeman's barbecue in 1997. I was told in D.A.R.E that alcohol was a drug and could impact your life in a bad way, but then, at that barbecue, I saw the police officer who was my D.A.R.E instructor drinking a beer, and I found that to be very hypocritical. It would take a few years after that, but eventually I would come to decide that D.A.R.E was B.S.
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Rick Ace Rhodes
I remember us having the D.A.R.E program back in Middle School. At least once a week we had to have a class about it. Possibly even multiple times a week.

It's kind of amazing at just how much of a failure it's been. My generation had it forced down our throats the hardest. 

Now we make up the primary victims of the opioid epidemic.
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Mr Magic
Probably the one thing kids liked about D.A.R.E. was the merchandise.

When you're a D.A.R.E graduate, you get free stuff.
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