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Back in 1970 my friends and I were chatting with our favorite teacher about music. There was a short, curious little song by Tin Tin called, "Toast and Marmalade for Tea".

The song was only verse, repeated - there was no chorus!

The teacher laughed and said, "that song is a key". In the past there were lots of short songs that had no chorus, and if they were three minutes or less, those songs were refered to as "keys".

More than 50 years and  I'm still wondering, if "Toast and Marmalade for Tea" is a musical key - where is the lock?


I'm pondering what marmalade tastes like.

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You love this signature.

Corn syrup and orange peel lol

Vaporman87 wrote :

I'm pondering what marmalade tastes like.

-end quote


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Mr Magic

"He met Marmalade down in ol' New Orleans...

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Tea time was a fixture of southern culture in the Tidewater area in my grandparents day. Marmalade, only the finest made, was no stranger in my neighborhood when I was a boy. 

Only after I left to attend college did I realize what unique area my home town was, marmalade included.

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