Television schedules from the 50's, 60's, and 70's had more holes than swiss cheese. The major TV networks only offered a "part-time" broadcast day, leaving room for Specials, and Wow - did I ever see a lot of Specials! 

One of my favorite comedians when I was growing up was Flip Wilson. And just like Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson told many stories from his childhood. Flip was a native of New Jersey and loved telling stories about his friends, Robert Jackson (the white kid), Freddy Johnson (the school-aged playboy), Geraldine Jones (Flip's heartthrob), Herbie the Ice Cream Man and Flip's best friend Ralph, the Invisible dog.

Flip Wilson had been telling stories about his childhood for years and had recorded several comedy albums since the early 1960's. By 1970 DePatie-Freleng partnered with "The Flip Wilson Show", on NBC, to create animated television specials about Flip's boyhood adventures to air when the regular brodcast was on a one-week hiatus.

Thanks to YouTube, I can share a 1972 animated special that otherwise would be lost in time, except for the few who remember it and Flip Wilson.