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YES, I finally found it - from 1987!

From the Ducks Breath Mystery Theater Comedy Troupe it's the, "Ask Dr. Science: National Science Test". Broadcast nationally on PBS as part of the PRI Program Exchange Service, "Ask Dr. Science", was making the transition from Radio comedy to TV series during the year 1985, but at that time it was still a regional comedy show.

After all these years you can imagine that I was beginning to think I would never see this again. I tried every combination of titles - even Dr. Strange!

From the photo above I recognize Dan Coffey as The Doctor.

It's like a late Birthday Gift for me. Hope you guys like Dr. Science!

Mr Magic

Now I know where the Ask Dr. Stupid segment from Ren and Stimpy came from.

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It was a sign of the times. There was a flourish of quirky science characters appearing, via local television, all over the country in the 80's. Some became popular enough to go national and I bet you know one in particular.

Bill Nye was a Boeing engineer in 1984 when original show host, Ross Shafer, invited him on his Seattle local comedy show, "Almost Live",  to demostrate science concepts, on-stage, in front of a live audience. By 1988, "Almost Live", expanded to one hour, got a new host, John Keister, and Bill Nye became, "The Science Guy", appearing every week on the show.

This clip, from 1990, features Bill Nye demonstrating what would happen inside a falling elevator if you jump in the air at the last possible moment. I actually find this quite fascinating!

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