Hey Everybody,

My old friend Johnny Crawford died on April 29, 2021, age 75.

Everyone on this website knows the felling I have right now. When you're a little kid the people you see on television sometimes strike a special chord with you, for reasons that are not always easy to explain. 

Johnny Crawford always struck me as an unusual looking guy. There's something about his features that fascinate me in an odd sort of way. Johnny is a good looking kid, but to me his face is "oddly cute", lol.

Johnny Crawford's look became unimportant because he was very likeable. As "Mark McCain", Johnny Crawford seemed like a friend to me who appeared every week on the television show, "The Rifleman".

The Rifleman was the favorite TV show for me and my grandma, it was, "our show". And just like all standard TV series of the time part of the interest was the appearance of special guest stars.

And it doesn't get any more special than actor Lee Van Cleef. Lee gets to play the traveling gunslinger in this episode. I love the scene when Johnny Crawford and Lee Van Cleef meet in the saloon, excellent tension.

Maybe you guys can share that special actor that made an impression on you as a child. For me, it doesn't get any better than, The Rifleman.