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Here's the situation. While on my summer break I'll be brainstorming for ideas for articles as well as draft writing when the opportunity arrives. However there is one month that I want to do so many things. But can only pick one. So the ball is in the court of the community as I want you guys to give me a bit of help. I'll post my ideas at the bottom and I want you guys to pick a favorite. The idea with the most votes will be what I write while I save the others for the future. Here are your options

Long Lost 90's: Tales from the Cryptkeeper (Animated series)

Long Lost 90's: The Cryptkeeper's Haunted House (Game Show)

90's VS: Goosebumps vs Are You Afraid of the Dark

I'll give this until...... August 1st so let me know what you want to see.

My vote is for the 90's VS. article. I like those.
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Second on the 90's VS: Goosebumps vs Are You Afraid of the Dark

These shows make me very nostalgic because I was the same age during the same time period as the kids on the episodes. AYAOTD always ended on a happy note where as Goosebumps always left with unfinished business.
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90's VS: Goosebumps vs Are You Afraid of the Dark

Yes, your VS. articles are some of your very best writing!
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Fun story about this thing. Originally I was gonna do the 90's vs. But my friend who has ALOT of 90's cartoons showed me Tales from the Cryptkeeper then I reminded myself of the game show.
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