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Now this may be a silly topic for a forum, but I think it might be
worthy to talk about. When I was younger I could stay focused on
whatever project I worked for an almost infinite amount of time. Whether
that was homework, gaming, movies, reading, etc. I really use to love
to read and could spend hours absorbed into a good book. My gaming, you
give me a engrossing rpg and you probably lost me for days.

Skip to the present. I can't seem to focus on ANYTHING! I will be doing a
writing project and get bored and start playing a game. I'll get bored
with the game and go start reading a book. The book makes me sleepy so I
go clean my bathroom. I hate cleaning the bathroom, so I go watch a
movie. I fall asleep watching the movie, wake up and now it's morning! I
don't hardly ever finish what I start, it takes a tremendous amount of
effort if I do.

What the hell has happened to me! When I'm on the internet it's like I
have an information overload it seems like. This has become a very
serious problem in my life. I don't think I have ADD because I mean I
wasn't always like this. So is it just because of the age we live in of
too much information or am I just going insane? Does anybody else have
this problem? I could really use some advice because it has really
affected the things I enjoy the most. What happened to my attention

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I read this article on Buzzfeed a few days ago. 

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That your attention span has shortened doesn't surprise me. As pikachulover directed you, there are lots of things about the internet age that has affected how we approach different facets of life.

For me, my attention span was NEVER one that would take me to the completion of something (although I did manage to complete a number of projects). All I have to do to be reminded of this is to break out my folder of comics from my school days. So many of them are incomplete. In fact, I would venture to say MOST of them are incomplete. If they are complete, it's likely because I cut them short and just threw an ending in there to get it over with.

But yes, I find that today it is even worse. Unless you are one of those people who are interested in only a small number of things (like those who can work out routinely without burning out and giving up), you're not likely to be successful at following through on large projects.

That this website is in existence is one of the rare exceptions for me. Mainly because my interest in nostalgia outweighs my interest in most things, and the fact that I had already developed some experience in creating/designing/implementing/maintaining websites. If I had to start from scratch, I doubt RetroDaze would be here.

I've begun, and shortly thereafter given up on, so many things in my 40 years on Earth that if it were illegal, I would be the Al Capone of giving up. So don't let it bother you a great deal. I think, especially in the age in which we live, it's fairly normal.
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shakin steak
I have a similar problem, but for me the causes are quite clear:

I have a boring job.  On top of that it's not very busy, but interruptions occur frequently.  So do things that force me to wait for anywhere from five to 60 seconds.  And it's in front of a computer all day.

Most of my stuff is packed in boxes.  For most of the past seven years.  Between planning to move, moving, and home renovations on hold, I can't unpack, can't pull an album off the shelf and sit down and listen to the whole thing while reading the lyrics and looking at the pictures, like I used to.

I don't have my stuff, my apartment has little comfort so I'm usually in Mrs steak's apartment instead of my own space, and I got a smart phone a little over a year ago.  Yeah, my attention span is shot.
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