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62VideoVaporman87Ahhh... so the good stuff then. :) Dec 14, 2012View
55VideoCaps 2.0B-movies...The type of horror and sci-fi flicks that would be played horror hosts like Ghoulardi or Elvira.TNTs 100 Percent Weird Dec 13, 2012View
4171ArticleBenjanimecoincidentally my older brother watched the gyver anime and he actually has a dvd box set! i'll have to check out that series myself since i've never watched it before after hearing about it here and there.The Great Mission to Save Princess PeachOct 09, 2017View
4168ArticleHoju KoolanderThis kind of Japanese release fascinates me. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of this anime film of The Guyver I found in the 90s called Out of Control that was a wacky one off story changing some key plot points and characters. Luckily there was also an anime TV series that was much closer to the original manga.The Great Mission to Save Princess PeachOct 09, 2017View
36VideoVaporman87I can't say I do. Though I do recall seeing a couple other Arbor Day ads in the same vein.Trees are TerrificDec 11, 2012View
30VideoMr MagicI remember this one.Trees are TerrificDec 11, 2012View
41VideoVaporman87My question was always... Is this guy made of cheese? If so, what kind? Hunka Cheese PSADec 11, 2012View
599Videoarizvega:) I LOVE IT!...Hunka Cheese PSAApr 30, 2013View
84ArticleVaporman87Pokemon was a fad that took place long after I had graduated high school, so things of this nature did not appeal to me. About the closest thing to it during my years in school was Dungeons Article Classic: The Pok'emon FadDec 20, 2012View
104ArticleProphetSwordI'm not much of a fan of Pokemon, but at least this article helped me understand some of the fad. That's something, at least.Article Classic: The Pok'emon FadDec 30, 2012View