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849ArticleVaporman87It was just a fact of marketing toys back then that, if you didn't get a half hour cartoon to go along with your product, it had far less a chance to succeed. I don't remember anything about the Golden Girls. Though, I can see from the commercials the reason for that. She-Ra was a spin off of He-Man, which had a huge following with boys. So, as a boy, you were far more likely to know about She-Ra (and in many cases, buy some of the figures). Also, She-Ra had several supporting male characters, and even her arch nemesis was male. With Golden Girls, it appears the entire cast was female. I'm guessing this tied her success to being able to defeat other Mattel lines like Barbie. Not the competition you want for your toy line. Great read Miss M.! Thanks for this.Attack of the Warrior Women!Nov 07, 2013View
852ArticleVaporman87I just now noticed in the first Golden Girl commercial that they show some of the male figures right at the end. They actually look kind of cool, from what I could tell.Attack of the Warrior Women!Nov 08, 2013View
851ArticleMissMYeah, a cartoon would have possibly helped Golden Girl. (I even think there may have been an attempt, but I don't know if anything was ever officially produced.) I remember as a kid looking at this line and only thinking, "Gee, what's with the pretend She-Ra line?" She-Ra was fortunate to be a spin off of He-Man, it stretched that whole fantasy universe out that much longer. Golden Girl did have some male characters, but they weren't a part of any commercial that I have ever found. Both lines existed in such a strange time for toy collecting though! Glad you enjoyed reading this!Attack of the Warrior Women!Nov 08, 2013View
1192ArticleHoju KoolanderAwesome article. I totally remember Golden Girls. I was a fan of the G.L.O.W. TV show, so they always caught my eye as having a similar glittery 80's glamour and power. What I remember is that She-Ra could always be found at Toys R Us, but I only ever saw Golden Girls in the toy aisle of the local drug store. They never quite made it to the big stage in my area, I never even knew they had commericials, but then again, I wasn't watching much My Little Pony back then.Attack of the Warrior Women!Sep 02, 2014View
855ArticleVaporman87Wow. Nice collection Miss M! I don't know why, but I was surprised by the amount of creativity that Lego put into these figures of the past. I associate all the little creative touches and added flourishes with today's Lego figures. I don't know why I didn't realize how far back Lego has actually been playing around with the original design of the minifigs, and coming up with new and different ways to play around with the concept. Out of the bunch, I would say the pirate takes the cake... at least in terms of uniqueness. Great list Miss M! Thanks for this.Miss M’s Top 10 Lego Minifigures!Nov 13, 2013View
860ArticleVaporman87I don't remember ever being that big on the minifigures. I think my time spent with Legos was focused on trying to figure out new ways to build whatever it was I wanted to build. Doing it with just the standard blocks was a challenge for a kid, but I like giving it a shot.Miss M’s Top 10 Lego Minifigures!Nov 16, 2013View
857ArticleFulton4VThese are so cool. I had bunch of the regular sets and a couple of specialty sets. Then they got sold a one my moms many yard sales. I wasnt playing much with them but man I wish I had them now. Everything uses special pieces now. Not like it used to be where you just had to build it from regular blocks no matter what it was.Miss M’s Top 10 Lego Minifigures!Nov 14, 2013View
856ArticlevkimoHaha nice article! I had/have a few of these. The ghost came with the Knights Castle set, which was basically the premiere Lego castle at the time. I have the Paradisa set at home and it acts as a Zen Garden of sorts for me because anytime I'm stressed I just look at it and imagine I'm there.Miss M’s Top 10 Lego Minifigures!Nov 13, 2013View
858ArticleMissMThanks for the comments! I am glad this was a fun read for you all. Fulton, you are so right. Everything requires special bricks now for sets. It is so frustrating at times to finish a set if the pieces are missing. It's always that random piece too! vkimo, I am so glad you mentioned the Paradisa set! I loved that series so much. I wish I could transport myself to those sets all the time. lol And Vaporman, Lego has been evolving their minifigures for quite some time. The pirate really showed off just how creative that could be. I forgot to mention that the pirate minifigures were the first to really sport different facial expressions through the use of beards and facial hair. It is all so interesting and fun. Miss M’s Top 10 Lego Minifigures!Nov 15, 2013View
870ArticleMasonIf I had to choose a favorite toy I would choose LEGO hands down! We had Space, Castle, Pirates, Town, and even some Wild West themed sets. Some of my favorite figures are ladies, because the figures were so often gender neutral. The first minifigure gal I ever owned was the Ice Planet female figure, very cool! Then there was the female Islanders figure. And that's actually all I ever owned as far as girls go!Miss M’s Top 10 Lego Minifigures!Nov 25, 2013View