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2279ArticleOldSchool80sYeah, I have to disagree with Excitebike as well. Looking back now it might be bad, but at the time I remember having fun playing it. May 22, 2015View
1256ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I hear a lot about Knott's Scary Farm this time of year, and they get some pretty big names in Halloween and Horror to take part in that. That has to be a blast.Houses of HauntSep 16, 2014View
2524ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I knew he replaced Lorenzo Music as Peter. That had me wondering if he really did replace Arsenio, doing two voices on the show.Little Known Facts About 25 of Your Favorite 80's Cartoons!Aug 14, 2015View
640VideoblueluigiYeah, I remember Cartoon Network would only show a Speedy cartoon once in a blue moon. They did make a Toonheads episode that featured Speedy Gonzales, but aside from that, there's been very few times I've seen them air Speedy cartoons outside of that. At least it prevents them from showing the Daffy and Speedy cartoons from the Seven-Arts era. Those cartoons were horrible.Speedy Gonzales - Gonzales TamalesMay 10, 2013View
423ArticleBenjanimeyeah, i remember seeing the toys all over the place when nickelodeon was still in its golden age as they showed commercial after commercial of different mermaid toys. great article!Mermaid Mania!Feb 22, 2013View
3885ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, I saw that in the GLOW documentary. Here's wishing her the best and Mt. Fiji too.GLOW: Wild and Wacky WrestingMay 09, 2017View
1317ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, I think I'm going to order both those books from the points store as well. Fascinating story I'm sure. There's actually a documentary called Toy Masters this guy has been trying to put out for years featuring interviews with the major players in the MOTU story. The trailer (which apparently got taken down) has one of the creators referring to the other's claims as "Pure Barbarian Fiction". You can check out the site here:, Incorporated: Dreams Come TrueSep 23, 2014View
1293ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, I totally forgot about ol' Icabod. That's a great one!What to Watch on HalloweenSep 20, 2014View
1092ArticleDoctorRyanYeah, I was pretty disappointed with it. But then again, I always try to recommend for people to see movies first hand and form their own opinion. That's what makes movies so great!! The discussions and debating that come from it.The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977)May 20, 2014View
1988ArticlejkatzYeah, I was talking about original Pibb.Things Are Going To Be OKFeb 12, 2015View