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5490ArticleVaporman87An awesome list. So many great episodes. My personal favorites include one where Tom finds himself heading to Heaven and then Hell and one where Jerry's relative keeps stealing Tom's whiskers. Sep 09, 2021View
5492ArticleMr MagicZoot Cat was a good one. Funny and jazzy. The Christmas one was also funny and charming.My 10 favorite Tom and Jerry shortsSep 09, 2021View
5494ArticleBenjanimeman, i really gotta get myself in a tom and jerry marathon kick soon, i miss watching these on cartoon network before the channel became a shadow of its former selfMy 10 favorite Tom and Jerry shortsSep 10, 2021View
5495Articletwcfan92I loved Tom and Jerry growing up. Zoot Cat is probably my favorite, followed by Jerry and the Goldfish. Other memorable ones include Salt Water Tabby, The Cat Concerto, Heavenly Puss, That's My Pup, Touche Pussy Cat, and The Little Orphan.My 10 favorite Tom and Jerry shortsSep 11, 2021View
5491ArticleVaporman87Yeah some of these are pretty undesirable. One that I liked a great deal but just could not get enjoyment out of were Sugar Daddies. Way too chewy and hard to eat. Halloween Candies That Haunted MeSep 09, 2021View
5493ArticleMr Magic@Vapor: I couldn't chew Sugar Daddies either. WAY too tough for me!Halloween Candies That Haunted MeSep 09, 2021View
5510ArticleoniparOuch, harsh! :-p I agree on the Circus Peanuts for sure. Those Peanut Butter Kisses are pretty bad too, but I'd still eat them in a pinch. Milk Duds are definitely too hard and sticky, and yet they were such a staple in my treat bag every year that it just wouldn't be Halloween without a couple of those little boxes rattling around. Pixies Sticks are fine for straight-up sugar powder. Not the first thing I'd reach for, but also not something I'd trade away. Almond Joys and York however... those I straight up LOVE! Nice list here. Getting me excited for Halloween. Halloween Candies That Haunted MeSep 24, 2021View
5498ArticleVaporman87There is no doubt that the mid-80s (into the '90s) saw a plethora of "crazy", "wacky", and "gross" toys. Slime led the way. You had toy sets like Mad Scientist, The Slime Pit, and Creepy Crawlers. Then it spilled over into actual figures and such, like with Sectaurs, Mad Balls, and Boglins. What a time to be a kid! Great to see another article from you. The topics so far have been right down my alley.Mad Scientist: A Great Forgotten 80s ToylineSep 15, 2021View
5499ArticleBenjanimeif there was a toyline that defined "boys only" it was certainly items like this, i honestly miss these and unfortunate that the years just flew by for them to just fade into obscurity.Mad Scientist: A Great Forgotten 80s ToylineSep 15, 2021View
5508ArticleRetroOtaku620That looks awesome! Makes me wish I was born in the 80s so I could play with that.Mad Scientist: A Great Forgotten 80s ToylineSep 22, 2021View