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4745ArticleDalek227A lot of people I know say that for them seeing that commercial for the first go round of the year signals "Ahh, Christmas is coming". I think I saw it the very last few days in November this year. Dec 20, 2018View
4746ArticleDalek227I loved these catalogs so much. It was fun circling toys you wanted. Even though you knew you'd never get them all, it was just a fun activity. I remember I had the Baby Skates doll. All I Want for Christmas…Dec 20, 2018View
4748ArticleDalek227My mom went craaaaazy overboard with Stockings and I loved it. I wish I had the means to do that for my son but we still get some cool stuff. When I was really young I had that Tinkerbell little girls perfume and makeup set in my stocking. The yearly big tin/box of Crayola Crayons. Silly string, bathtub crayons, lots of candy, new tooth brush and tooth paste, water color set, just so much stuff. It was really kind of ridiculous to spoil us as much as they did but again, I can't really say that I didn't enjoy it and sometimes i'm the same way with my son, or try to be. It was only last Christmas when he was 13 that it finally occurred to me to stop getting him lots of junk just so it looks like he's getting a lot. Just get what he actually asked for and call it good. Stocking StuffersDec 20, 2018View
4756VideoDalek227Merry Christmas!!Merry Christmas from Mindy CohnDec 23, 2018View
4760ArticleDalek227Working on it as we speak :)Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 2Dec 25, 2018View
4784ArticleDalek227LOL yes, I agree it sounds odd. It's hard to explain as we ALL knew they were just stupid little joke notes. Kind of like 10 year olds pretending to kill their friends playing War or Cops and Robbers. Back then you could joke around a bit like that and it not be such a big deal. These days it's harder to determine what's a joke. We were both actually fairly dorky (despite me having a crush on him and him being kind of popular) and the biggest goody two shoes you'd ever meet so that is why it was so funny to people. I guess we could get away with messing around like that BECAUSE people knew we would never do that. I guess it's complicated. I'd consider my sense of humor morbid even today. I'd still never hurt anyone or wish death on anyone. As much as Mandy was terrible to me i'd never wish death upon her. I like to watch the ID channel and read crime novels and there might be some morbidity to that, but I assure you i'm not someone that would participate in such things LOL and by looking at me I don't ooze creepy I swear.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 3Jan 09, 2019View
4785ArticleDalek227I too think that deep down, despite how I was often just trying to blend in, a part of me WANTED to stand out a bit. A part of me craved a little positive attention and being a little "shocking" in a not physically harmful way made people laugh and maybe that's part of the reason.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 3Jan 09, 2019View
4834ArticleDalek227This was awesome, and thanks for the heads up about the website with the wish book uploads! I know what i'm doing all night bwhaha!! And I just messaged my mom on facebook because I swear we had that Disney trunk with Mickey and the gang on it!Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Feb 05, 2019View
4835ArticleDalek227When we first got a computer around 92 we had frogger, Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers on a huge floppy disc, Hugo III (you gave him commands and he followed them) and the writing program was just a glowing blue background with white letters, ala Doogie Howser haha'90s PC GamesFeb 05, 2019View
5188ArticleretrocrunchI remember that TMNT show and them bringing in a female turtle. Not my cup of tea for a show and not the TMNT I grew up with.. I passed on it too. Great article BTW.The Rise and Fall of TMNTApr 26, 2020View