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31VideoVaporman87This is one reason why I believe Burton's Batman was the first real super-commercialized film in America. Yeah, Star Wars was big too. But man, Batman was just EVERYWHERE at the time.Batman Diet Coke CommercialDec 11, 2012View
29VideoVaporman87I like the reworked version of this intro song that they are currently using for the new TMNT series on Nick. It's a nice homage to the original. The show isn't half bad either.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IntroDec 10, 2012View
947ArticleVaporman87I think I am in agreement with you on ALMOST all of these properties have some kind of plastic treatment. With the exception of Troop Beverly Hills. The only collectible version of Shelley Long I would even LOOK at on a shelf would be something from Cheers probably. :) I'm surprised that Archie hasn't yet had some kind of figure available in stores. I'm now seeing properties like Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear in Toys 'R Us. So I don't think Archie is a big stretch. His gang's been around long enough for one. Lastly, I would be very interested to see more board game to action figure collectible action happening. I would pick the Monopoly guy, some Candy Land figs maybe. Thanks Miss M!Dream ToysJan 21, 2014View
19ArticleVaporman87Oh yeah... test I II III! Dec 06, 2012View
20VideoVaporman87This picture is frightening. Dec 06, 2012View
21VideoVaporman87I had several of the M.A.S.K. toys in my youth. Sometimes I would have them intermingle with other toy lines to mix things up. M.A.S.K. IntroDec 09, 2012View
23VideoVaporman87I don't remember anything about this film (that was to be a tv show). Apparently there were products made for it though. Dec 10, 2012View
25VideoVaporman87I was a fan of the Go-Bots toys. They had a simpler design than that of the Transformers that made the toys easy to transform and fun to play with. The only drawback was the lack of articulation (but that wasn't uncommon in the 80's).Go-Bots IntroDec 10, 2012View
26VideoVaporman87My Brother and I loved COPS for short time. We ended up bored with it before we ever really had any of the toys. COPS IntroDec 10, 2012View
27VideoVaporman87This is my all time favorite cartoon. Every afternoon when I arrived home from school, it was THIS show that I had great anticipation for, more than any other.He-Man Intro3Dec 10, 2012View