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1727ArticleVaporman87Yeah. This year was a rare year of all the kids loving to visit Santa... <img src="/images/postImages/1419265280Kids with Santa.png"> Dec 22, 2014View
126VideoVaporman87Yeah. Trying to capture that old T.V. weeknight movie event, or what have you.RetroDaze PDT Intro DemoJan 11, 2013View
1550ArticleVaporman87Yeah. You can't help but love Andre in The Princess Bride. He really brought heart to that movie. I true classic.Top 5 Best Big Men in Wrestling HistoryDec 01, 2014View
2211ArticleVaporman87Yeah... I'm finding it hard to disagree with you on about all of these. Especially the redhead from Just The Ten of Us and Nicole Eggert. They were both knockouts. I would also add the sister from The Wonder Years and Alyssa Milano from Who's The Boss. She was very attractive as well. Nice list here Hoju!Hottest TV SistersApr 11, 2015View
3229ArticlemickyarberYeah....this dude seemed to be out there a little bit. BUT, it has given me an idea of something to do with a box of old, random, assorted action figures. Maybe I'll do something like this next year. Build a pop culture Christmas party featuring Rambo, Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, Alf, He-Man, and the rest. Seems like that would have been a unique evening touring the place. Can't wait to see the rest.Retro Christmas Wonderland Part 1Dec 19, 2015View
835ArticleVaporman87Yeesh, those sound just awful! If you can't give out Americanized candy, don't give it out at all. LOLTop 5 Best and Worst things to get in...Oct 17, 2013View
4599ArticleNLoganYeesh. Confusing indeed! First I have heard of Oo-Lar (what a dumb name). I tell you in 1982 all the mini-comics from Alcala: HE-MAN and the Power Sword, the Battle in the Clouds, King of Castle Grayskull, and The Vengeance of Skeletor were the only backstory we had for HE-MAN. Now you are telling me that the HE-MAN I played with and read about wasn't even the same HE-MAN as Adam from Filmation because some dude retconned it for the current Classics line in 2015 to date. Ludicrous! Anything after 1987 is non-existent to me I care not for whatever backstory they come up with. <img src="/images/postImages/153856729301.jpg">Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 03, 2018View
1337ArticleVaporman87Yeesh. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the nude haunted house. That just sounds like a whole lotta trouble waiting to happen. I WOULD love to see Knott's Scary Farm one year. Seems like such a cool place to visit for the season.A Haunting ExperienceSep 26, 2014View
2748VideoVaporman87Yeesh. That's just sad.The Corey HotlineOct 02, 2015View
3060Articleozzyrulz777Yep I love Zombie Nightmare! Thor rules!Heavy Metal-Sploitation Part 3Nov 01, 2015View