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5579ArticleoniparNice story, loved it! You know, interestingly, I never went to a skating rink, and only in my adult years did I even realize roller skating was "a thing" in the 80s. But I can totally relate to the arcade savior, because I'd always gravitate to the arcade selection at my local bowling alley. Jan 15, 2022View
5599ArticleVaporman87I think there are levels of disappointment that could be discussed here, but I'm going to stick to the less personal ones... more focused on product and school life than life at home and relationships. I was very disappointed when Masters of the Universe abruptly went belly up in '87. They had some pretty cool things planned that would have been awesome to see on shelves, even though I was growing out of collecting them around that time. I was disappointed that a school levy that would have created a brand new high school that would have been ready by the time my age group arrived there did not pass.Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 08, 2022View
5601ArticleMr MagicWasn't Floam a copycat of Squand?Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 08, 2022View
5602ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic not at all. @Vaporman oh geez that sucks, that kinda reminds me of when the stone protectors toys got discontinuedTop four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 09, 2022View
5603ArticleJulieI'm so sorry you had those bad experiences before, my sweet love @Benjanime. :'( Well, I have more bad experiences after the childhood than before it honestly, but of course I had some countless ones before as well, like being bullied, betrayal, false friends and other worse things. You deserve a far better fate, my beloved @Benjanime. I do love you!❤❤Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 09, 2022View
5604ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i thank you for looking out for me, my precious love of my life ❤Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 09, 2022View
5608ArticleOldSchool80sI do agree that prizes for most contests including school fundraisers were usually letdowns. Same thing if you ever ordered anything from inside a comic book! Your childhood timeframe seems to be well after mine, so do not relate to the other 2 you mentioned. I do relate to Vaporman87's story about MOTU going away. I also would compare to favorite TV shows being cancelled and/or seeing a movie that you thought was going to awesome only to be sorely mistaken.Top four disappointing moments of childhoodMar 06, 2022View
5626Article back in middle school I had a small collection of Pokémon figures from some cheap gacha machines around the town, one of the girls who used to play with us got mad at me for some reason and decided to flush my Pokes away, literally. The whole class got mad at her and I did too, but I was about to let it go when her mom got me a small set of Pokémon figures from a toy shop, those were a bit more expensive than the cheap gachas I had, so I felt kinda guilty accepting them :p I did forgive her of course, we were kids, and kids do stupid thingsTop four disappointing moments of childhoodMar 31, 2022View
5632ArticlepikachuloverI wanted Floam so badly my family found some at a discount store. My parents let me have it but I had to use it on a protected surface. My parents were not usually like that. Stuff made a big mess and I was so disappointed. I hated selling a bunch of stuff and only getting an eraser or a bookmark or some cheap item. After a while I stopped selling stuff. I got sick trying to sell things nobody ?i knew wanted and getting bad prizes. Somebody did that to me too, but with a 1994 Toys R Us wishbook catalogue thing. Some guy borrowed it then claimed his little sister "ripped it up". Then he brought it to school a few days later. When I asked he acted like he had no idea what he was talking about. Top four disappointing moments of childhoodApr 27, 2022View
5590ArticleMr MagicAll people have to do is play it and they'll see why it was and is such a huge hit! Live it, breathe it, experience it, people!Why Chrono Trigger mattersJan 21, 2022View