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914ArticleMissMThat's a good price Benjanime! They had the disc for sale in a tiny paper ornament for a 1.50 at Big Lots, but it looked really cheap. I hope you were able to pick it up! Vaproman, I just love this special. It truly has a great beginning, middle, and end. The flow is just splendid. And I agree, it is every bit as good if not better than the other specials that get played all the time every year. I hope you are doing well! Dec 17, 2013View
908ArticleVaporman87I can't say I watch any particular feature length films to get into the Christmas spirit (though, I like watching Scrooged around this time of year). I settle for the short specials that air every year. But now I just pop them in the DVD player instead of looking for them in the TV Guide. Some favorites of mine are Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, Twas The Night Before Christmas (Rankin-Bass), the Chipmunks Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, etc. All of your choices are very interesting though. I've never really thought to watch any of these during Christmas, though they take place during that time of year. Thanks again Miss M!Dorkette Christmas TraditionsDec 14, 2013View
907ArticleBenjanimeblack christmas looks like a real obscure flick! i'll have to check it out someday. i haven't brought myself to finish watching the first gremlins, due to the fact that i used to be a real sissy when i saw that scene with the gremlin that ran over the christmas tree. i'm into weird stuff, but back then that part in particular just rubbed me the wrong wayDorkette Christmas TraditionsDec 14, 2013View
915ArticleMissMHey Vaporman! Yeah, it has been hard to really sit and watch a full movie this year, because things have been so hectic. But I know I will watch some of them. I think Batman Returns got into the rotation because I ended up purchasing it on DVD during the Christmas season, so I have connected it with the season, because I usually will watch it anytime of the year. I so love Frosty the Snowman. I used to cry when I was younger at his fate. I also love the Chipmunks Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas. I am very curious to see what the newly revamped Charlie Brown will be like in the next couple of years. Benjanime- Black Christmas is really good! The remade it s a few years ago and it was ok, but the original is just really good. It's like a slasher horror film, but it relies on more suspense than anything else. And yeah, there were a few scenes in the Gremlins movie that always rubbed me the wrong way or creeped me out as a kid. It's funny, because some of those things will still stick with me to this very day.Dorkette Christmas TraditionsDec 17, 2013View
23VideoVaporman87I don't remember anything about this film (that was to be a tv show). Apparently there were products made for it though. Dec 10, 2012View
929ArticleVaporman87On the topic of writing in books, I still have a few from my past that are bursting at the seems with my textual riffing of the action taking place in the pages. Everything from Winnie The Pooh to He-Man received my written scorn. I can recall re-reading the books once I had "revised" them, and cracking myself up until tears poured down my face. LOL. I was my own biggest fan with stuff like that. Thanks for this Miss M. I will have to dig out those old story books and just read them again.Christmas Retro ReadsDec 23, 2013View
937ArticleMissMNo problem Vaporman! I always love hearing from other people that they wrote in their own books and stuff. It just seems like such a big no-no, but I think it happens a lot. lol It's funny to look back on things like that. Christmas Retro ReadsJan 05, 2014View
928ArticleVaporman87A great deal of my stuffed animals had special meaning to me growing up. They came into my possession by various means, but I don't recall any of them coming from a fast food joint. I had stuffed animals from small shops to large box stores, but the ones I cared about the most had no brand or property affiliation. They were just "animals". Cats, dogs, bunnies, mice... just animals. It was the personality I gave them that made them extra special. None more so than "Meowwy Wowwy". A cat nearly as old as me, who still gets played with today (thanks to my children's interest in him - as played through me). He's pretty unique, as I have only ever found one other of his kind, but it was white instead of grey. Have a Plush Christmas!Dec 23, 2013View
941Articlearizvega:) Have a Plush Christmas!Jan 07, 2014View
938ArticleMissMOh wow, Vaporman, I really enjoyed this comment. I love that you shared about your plush cat Meowwy Wowwy and that your children can carry on the fun of playing with him. That is so cool. As much as I loved the licensed stuffed animals of my youth, I do agree with you, there is something to be said for the plush animals that didn't come from a license. There was something exciting about naming and creating a story for something that was essentially a blank canvas of fun. Thanks for sharing that, and I hope you have been doing well!Have a Plush Christmas!Jan 05, 2014View