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2056ArticleHoju Koolander@echidna64 You're welcome. The Christmas Special was actually the result of a writer's strike. The 3rd season got cut short, so they threw together all those guest stars who had been asking for a chance to be on the show into that holiday madness. @Vaporman87 Yeah, his endless death scene was about the only memorable part of that movie.  Feb 27, 2015View
5247ArticleHoju Koolander@egome2 we can definitely relate. Never became a Juggalo myself, but glad you dug the return of the rock n' wrestling connection as much as I did.Wrestling with the 90'sAug 22, 2020View
2206ArticleMissM@EISXUOIS you totally brought up a character that I had forgotten about! But I do agree, I was really upset when Nei died in Phantasy Star 2 as well! I always show a lot of love for Final Fantasy but I also loved playing Phantasy Star games, which are in many ways far more challenging. I didn't play PS2 until I was a little older. I actually played the 4th one first and then revisited the earlier ones as a teen and I didn't actually beat the second Phantasy until some time in my twenties? It was just a very challenging game. I still get chills thinking about being in a dungeon and knowing I won't make it out alive. And thank you for enjoying reading my experiences! I have a lot. lol @Hoju Koolander, I am so thrilled that I am not the only one that thought Samus was simply named Metroid. lol It just made the most sense. I blame the self titled games like Pac Man and Mario for this thought process. lol And there were a few things spoiled for me by Nintendo Power, but how I loved pouring through those issues! @Vaporman87 I can somewhat relate about being shocked by hearing the sound of a voice coming from a game. I think something like that as well as the animated scenes that would come in later on, I remember just being thrown for a loop at how much video games were changing with later systems in the mid 90's or so. And I have no doubt that I would have been in awe and a slight bit jealous of your MK arcade skills! Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me…Apr 08, 2015View
2100ArticleHoju Koolander@everybody All good suggestions. I considered Mr. Drummond and even Mrs. Garret (who spun off from Diff'rrent Strokes to The Facts of Life) as sort of a gender-bias challenging option, but in the end I had to go with the Dads I knew best. Jason Seaver (played by Alan Thicke, who wrote the theme songs to both previously mentioned shows) never really had a chance, he was just too cool for school to register as a Dad to me. I actually went back and forth between Dan from Roseanne and Mr. Arnold a lot, but a Dad from the 60s portrayed in the 80s was just too iconic to pass up. As for Tony, he gets points for having a hot daughter, but I never learned any parenting skills from the man.Top 5 TV Dads of the 80'sMar 19, 2015View
2902ArticleVaporman87@Exhume: At least some Mom and Pop stores are keeping the experience alive, at least to a certain extent.Timewarp: Blockbuster Video 1996Oct 14, 2015View
1381ArticleNLogan@Fulton thanks! Which costumes do you still have? You can always start saving stuff now. We went and got square pumpkin kids meals the other night that had Halloween flashlights for prizes, a skeleton, ghost, pumpkin, and witch that are pretty cool. Then we went to see the Addams family play at the theater. NLogan's Retro Halloween OverloadOct 05, 2014View
1481ArticleNLogan@Fulton4V here is a close up of the skull makeup. <img width="300" height="300" src="/images/postImages/1414167748a76_08c7bab898.jpg">NLogan's Retro Halloween OverloadOct 24, 2014View
1833ArticleHoju Koolander@Fulton4V I know what you mean. I have the same sort of relationship with Double Dragon. It's my favorite, but I can never pass the cave level. Still, I always enjoy playing the stages I can pass.Nintendo Discoveries: The Adventures of Bayou BillyJan 25, 2015View
1422ArticleHoju Koolander@Fulton4V I personally have always held Super Powers as the high standard for 80's action figures. From the sculpts, to the box art to the sheer number of characters, it was a beautiful line of toys. I still have my Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Lex Luthor!The Mini & The MightyOct 13, 2014View
1751ArticleHoju Koolander@Fulton4V Yeah, the kids don't seem to appreciate the production aspect as much, but the parent's sure do. We got a lot of comments at our house this year for our Haunted Graveyard with serial killer motif.Houses of HauntJan 02, 2015View