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5600ArticleMr MagicWWE used their classic logo a number of times. Mostly when they were doing old-school-themed shows. Feb 08, 2022View
5503ArticleBenjanimey'know, out of all these moves listed i actually haven't seen monster squad yet, a very solid list. i also recommend checking out a top ten horror movie list i put together several years back ;) Retro Movies You Should Watch For HalloweenSep 20, 2021View
3688Articleechidna64Yasss, the legend returns!The History of Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 1Jan 19, 2017View
1438Articleretro90sboyyea me too Oct 15, 2014View
1437Articleretro90sboyyea the magic of tv is goneA Look at SNICKOct 15, 2014View
1793Articlecomic_book_fanyeah they were just making it a surprise. they figured making me go to school that day gave them time to set it up and get all the presents they figured it would make me appreciate it more and they were right that's the biggest reasons i remember it so well. even though i found rush boring i listen to him sometimes and go to wendy's at around the same time we would go when i was a kid. anybody else noticed that wendy's food quality has went down hill over the last few years. My 6th Birthday PartyJan 15, 2015View
1203ArticleVaporman87Yeah Fulton, we have had crane games in our local Pizza Hut as well. Can't say I've had any problems like that with them though. I love the leaving a quarter for a tip story!Pizza Hut PromotionsSep 05, 2014View
5708ArticleandyvgrYeah getting older our interests change, it's just a part of life, however we grow into the other side of things, sometime as the person above said you'll either have children to take trick or treating or you'll be like the grandparents and hand the candy out. it's the way it's supposed to be.Spooky Time: Halloween MemoriesMar 15, 2023View
4399ArticleBenjanimeYeah he's pretty OP, I just wish selecting your teammate didn't have to be a matter of roulette.Video game oddities #1 - Knuckles ChaotixJun 01, 2018View
3065Articlecomic_book_fanyeah i considered the goblins but decided that i were using to many marvel guys and wanted to mix it up a little blade and grundy was considered for a while as well but morbius beat blade out and ghoul cut grundy from the list.My Top 5 Halloween Ready Super HeroesNov 02, 2015View