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3582ArticlemickyarberYeah, it really should be all about the giving, and I have what I feel is a pretty deep appreciation for that aspect of the season now. The bottom line of this article must have gotten cut off. Where it says "Stay tuned for an article going into more detail" should read "Stay tuned for an article going into more detail about all of those presents of 1986." Weird. Dec 15, 2016View
4450ArticlemickyarberYeah, it was a pretty magical time for sure. I’m so glad my mother hung onto all the pictures too. I gained them in my possesion a few years ago, and have wanted to write about it ever since.Wagon Train VacationsJun 16, 2018View
610ArticleOldSchool80sYeah, it was kind of implied how badass Boba Fett was in the movies, but the prequel stuff has allowed them to explore that and explain how he got that reputation.Boba Fett - My Favorite Action FigureMay 06, 2013View
2932VideoMr MagicYeah, it was the theme song to Trading Places. It was used in Grand Theft Auto 3/Liberty City Stories as well.Century 21-The SymphonyOct 14, 2015View
137VideoVenomous MaskYeah, it's a shame they got lost in the shuffle. Matijevic could really hit those high notes.Steelheart - I'll Never Let You GoJan 12, 2013View
2285ArticleVaporman87Yeah, Nique and Hakeem were just amazing. The way "The Dream" could move would fool a chump right out of his sneakers LOL. Looks like Glen Rice gets a lot of love from RetroDaze folks. He's a much overlooked talent. Mitch Richmond also getting lots of love.My Top 5 Fave NBA Players of the 90'sMay 23, 2015View
74VideoVaporman87Yeah, plenty of good moments in the movie. An all time classic teen angst film.The Breakfast Club - ClipDec 18, 2012View
1571ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, pull out those photos! I've seen that last picture for years and never noticed the Mr. T figure hiding in there. Who knows what you'll find.Holi-Daze: Toys UnwrappedDec 05, 2014View
1031ArticleMissMYeah, Rita did have an unusual sense of fashion. lol I guess that is what happens when one lives on the moon. They get a little behind on what works. The Evil Space Aliens were always kind of foolish, which is sad, because they do look fearsome. The sort of joke with Rita was that she would always have this mini meltdown towards those she thought were not doing their job of evil correctly. As for snarling kindly, I am not sure. But it certainly sounds like a fun sound to imagine. lolToy Talk with Miss M- Reunion SpecialMar 06, 2014View
2536ArticleoniparYeah, same here. Trading was my favorite, but something that only occurred a few times. Thanks so much too, I'm glad you enjoyed them!A Summer QuestAug 17, 2015View