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1317ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, I think I'm going to order both those books from the points store as well. Fascinating story I'm sure. There's actually a documentary called Toy Masters this guy has been trying to put out for years featuring interviews with the major players in the MOTU story. The trailer (which apparently got taken down) has one of the creators referring to the other's claims as "Pure Barbarian Fiction". You can check out the site here: http://www.toymastersmovie.com/ Sep 23, 2014View
1293ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, I totally forgot about ol' Icabod. That's a great one!What to Watch on HalloweenSep 20, 2014View
1092ArticleDoctorRyanYeah, I was pretty disappointed with it. But then again, I always try to recommend for people to see movies first hand and form their own opinion. That's what makes movies so great!! The discussions and debating that come from it.The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977)May 20, 2014View
1988ArticlejkatzYeah, I was talking about original Pibb.Things Are Going To Be OKFeb 12, 2015View
5611ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I'm in complete agreement. Without Shredder and the budget to make the turtles animate convincingly, this movie was a total waste. I think the concept of going back in time could have worked pretty well in the hands of a better writing team and with Shredder once again stirring up trouble... perhaps with Krang at his side.TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 21, 2022View
110ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I'm not sure why that is. It appeared just fine in the Admin Panel. Interesting game. I reminds me of a game I had for our IBM PC back in the day, minus the cutscenes and other fancy stuff. That game was very difficult as it was more about good timing than button mashing. Again, nice one ProphetSword.Classic Games: Karateka for the Commdore 64Dec 31, 2012View
2506ArticleoniparYeah, in reality I'm pretty sure I rented much more often than I traded, but the trades always held a certain sacred place in my heart. :-)A Summer QuestAug 12, 2015View
3582ArticlemickyarberYeah, it really should be all about the giving, and I have what I feel is a pretty deep appreciation for that aspect of the season now. The bottom line of this article must have gotten cut off. Where it says "Stay tuned for an article going into more detail"....it should read "Stay tuned for an article going into more detail about all of those presents of 1986." Weird.1986: The Year That Santa Became RealDec 15, 2016View
4450ArticlemickyarberYeah, it was a pretty magical time for sure. I’m so glad my mother hung onto all the pictures too. I gained them in my possesion a few years ago, and have wanted to write about it ever since.Wagon Train VacationsJun 16, 2018View
610ArticleOldSchool80sYeah, it was kind of implied how badass Boba Fett was in the movies, but the prequel stuff has allowed them to explore that and explain how he got that reputation.Boba Fett - My Favorite Action FigureMay 06, 2013View