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4418ArticleNLoganYou need to work the phrase,"You can bet your sweet Orko" into your daily parlance, especially with strangers. Jun 13, 2018View
1721ArticleNLoganYou only left out 6 carrots for 8 reindeer, 9 if you include Rudolph. That would have been a bloodbath. That is a pretty cool looking Scooby Doo game that I had no idea even existed. Sometimes we must learn the hard way I got a chuckle out of both of you imagining your faces after tasting the bitter chocolate.The Santa DiariesDec 20, 2014View
3450ArticleVaporman87You said it OldSchool. The show never represented any negative views toward anyone. That's why I think it was absurd to be yanking it off of television when people were up in arms over the Confederate Flag. People need to get over themselves.Random Dukes of Hazzard MerchandiseMar 16, 2016View
1153ArticlevkimoYou said it. They're not even by Larami anymore. I have one from 1990 and it still works like a charm.In The Summer TimeJun 16, 2014View
1706ArticleVaporman87You said it. Those items are more than the plastic and paint they are constructed of. They jump start feelings and memories that are easy to forget in our adulthood. That's why they are precious... what they represent, not what they are.NLogan's Retro ChristmasDec 19, 2014View
300ArticleVaporman87You should be able to resize the pics within the submission editor, though I think it depends a bit on the browser you're using.Retro RoomsFeb 11, 2013View
3234Articleashleyb85You should definitely check out Nightmare Before Christmas, mickyarber!!!Top 5 Favorite Christmas Horror MoviesDec 21, 2015View
446ArticleraptorYou sir are a criminal. But seriously, I thought it was funny when you talked about the phone number trick. It reminded me of all the times my buds and I pranked a pay phone near a corner in town where all the losers would hang out on Friday nights. We would call it up and when one of them would answer we would light into them with crazy crap.MINOR TROUBLEFeb 25, 2013View
3685ArticleHoju KoolanderYou we're totally stylin', doc.Bugs Bunny 50th Anniversary MagazineJan 15, 2017View
3172ArticleNLoganYou weren't the only kid special enough, I am allergic to peanuts and always made the same trade Mr. Goodbars for Special Darks. Now my kids give them to me because they don't like dark chocolate.Expl-ho-ho-ho-sionDec 10, 2015View