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3950ArticleVaporman87Yes! I am very much looking forward to every article on this subject. I love old TV Guides and I enjoy your breakdowns of each show here. So many shows here that I've never heard of. Like you've mentioned, some of these really do have the star power, and on paper they should have been successes. But that isn't a guaranteed formula. The viewing public can be a fickle bunch. I don't think anybody was ready to see Jack Tripper in a marriage setting. And maybe people weren't as keen on high-tech motorcycles like they were talking Trans Ams. But some of these really seemed to have a good premise. I'd like to be able to catch some episodes of Paper Dolls, Call to Glory, and Hawaiian Heat. Craig T. Nelson, Elisabeth Shue, AND Keenan Wynn?! Yes please. Jun 21, 2017View
5310ArticleoniparYes! Oh man, this one is a blast from the past. When I was younger, my dad bought this game for me. I'm convinced he only bought it because it was related to the Addams Family. I was pretty young, so my dad had to explain what the Addams Family was (now I love the show of course). Anyway, I agree, the difficulty level on this game was insane. I wasn't particularly good at beating games, but this one! I never got very far beyond the first areas. That didn't stop me from playing over and over again though. Remembering Fester's QuestOct 14, 2020View
1115ArticleVaporman87YES! This story has made my day. What a great read. That had to be just an amazing feeling. And something that would stick with you... that if you always try your hardest, you can't lose... even when you do. Even to place 4th would have been a real challenge, especially for a short guy like myself (I was very close to being the shortest kid in school for a few years). So this is an inspiring story with an awesome ending. But I simply can't see how there is any bigger fan of Sonic than my 6 year old son at the moment. He is nuts for Sonic. I just purchased him a Nendoroid Sonic figure from China that has tons of accessories for changing faces, hands, etc. and he is flipping out that it's coming. LOL. Thanks echidna!!!The Best Day EverJun 03, 2014View
2145ArticleVaporman87Yes! This... a thousand times this. I love these kinds of stories, especially since it includes two subjects that really stir a lot of memories for me... roller skating and crushes. This story reminds me so much of another favorite article of mine, this one from echidna called <a href="http://www.retro-daze.org/site/article/id/224">"Best Day Ever"</a>. I love this line: "One day, some Satanist decided that our comfort as skating losers could no longer be tolerated." I'm going to be thinking about that all day. LOL Thanks for this Brandon.Rec Center Memories - Moment of GloryMar 25, 2015View
3161ArticleVaporman87Yes! What a great memory to have. Such a great story. Isn't it amazing how something so trivial can mean the difference between happiness and sorrow? What was it that made your mother so "anti-gaming"? Was she devoutly religious, or just wary of "newfangled" things? Did you end up getting that Atari 2600? If so, how did that go over in the weeks and months following? Why do Greeks think they're all that? LOL (Not a real question) Thanks for sharing this Kid C. It was stellar.Perfect GameDec 10, 2015View
2759ArticleVaporman87YES! You included Scare Glow... easily my favorite "baddie" in the entire 80's MOTU line. And I never owned him. Nope. He was one that eluded me, even though I always wanted him. Needless to say I was happy to get multiples of him when the Classics line arrived. And he's still awesome. Glow-in-the-dark, wicked bladed scythe, wrist band and chain with a Castle Grayskull lid and a special key inside... just awesome. Aside from that, I was thinking Bad-To-The-Bone's catch phrase should instead be that sound that Goofy makes when he falls off a cliff. AHHH hoo hoo wee! Even in death, Mr. T can kick the butts of fools. And yes, earwax is an issue all skeletons deal with, but are too embarrassed to bring to the attention of medical professionals.5 Coolest Retro Skeleton Action FiguresOct 02, 2015View
4297ArticleMichelangeloYogi Bear, Huck Hound, Flintstones, Scooby-Doo (Where Are You? and New Scooby Movies) and SWAT Kats were some of the best cartoons Hanna-Barbera put out.My Five All Time Favorite Hanna Barbera ToonsMar 01, 2018View
4192ArticleVaporman87You and I share an affinity for the parade. It really does make Thanksgiving Day worth waking up early for. Thanks for this affectionate look at a really cool tradition!A Closer Look at: Macy's Thanksgiving ParadeNov 06, 2017View
1604ArticleVaporman87You and me both SoF. Those early/mid 80's toys were the ones I played with more than any others. I got so much use out of my Masters of the Universe/G.I. Joe/Star Wars/Transformers/Thundercats toys that they probably looked like 50 people played with them. Christmas of 1994 Dec 11, 2014View
1369ArticleHoju KoolanderYou are as always the king of mood setting layouts, the 8 bit monsters in the borders were great. Poor Steve, it was always special to me when the adults handing out candy were dressed up, it really amplified the spirit of the night. The soda displays were always epic, especially when Elvira and the Universal Monsters were involved thanks to Pepsi and Doritos. Good stuff!Flannel CornucopiaOct 04, 2014View