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1681ArticleHoju Koolander@BarryBgp and thecrow174 I'm glad to see Dutch getting so much love this Christmas. And hey, it's good to have you in the mix here, Barry. @Vaporman87 My wife is in full agreement on Emmett Otter and I started watching The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus last night. It's like the Lord of the Rings Christmas Special, pretty epic.  Dec 17, 2014View
1396Articlevkimo@Ben Do those 8 bit sprites look familiar? I actually got the idea from your bonus review of Monster Party last year.Flannel CornucopiaOct 08, 2014View
5587Articleonipar@ben, I hear ya. I think when I wasn't using games to cope, it was music, art, and reading. But I also used/use video games the same way.Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 15, 2022View
5530Articleonipar@Ben, oh yeah, this was circa 1992-1993 when I had the bus pass. I was 12-13, right before I moved to PA. I actually still have the bus passes in my old wallet from those years, because yeah...I save everything. :-pThe Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodOct 18, 2021View
5133VideoMr Magic@Ben: I thought I had submitted at least one video or two. But I haven't seen it uploaded.Paula Abdul for Reebok (1989)Feb 24, 2020View
5129ArticleMr Magic@Ben: It's a sad special, but it's a happy one too. Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 21, 2020View
4849ArticleMr Magic@Ben: Remember the E.T. reference in the Rugrats episode "Monster in the Garage"? Out Of This World RomanceFeb 12, 2019View
5360ArticleMr Magic@Ben: That's cool. ;)The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 06, 2021View
5707ArticleMr Magic@Ben: They give him a much bigger smile.Izzy the Failed Olympics MascotFeb 21, 2023View
5745ArticleMr Magic@Ben: Wait, wait wait! Sweet Tooth's twerks in the TM show?! Was going to watch, but after learning about that...The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 20, 2023View