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4916ArticleVaporman87@Ben: I can't imagine it doing very well anyway. Not only did the Jetsons not enjoy the same success as the Flintstones, but at this point it appears as though the fascination with '60s cartoons to film has wained a bit.  Apr 22, 2019View
5137ArticleVaporman87@Ben: I did indeed, and they look great. As Julie said, much more faithful to the cartoon designs.Vintage ThunderCats MerchandiseMar 06, 2020View
1918ArticleVaporman87@Ben: It's cool bro. Life happens. This article makes me wish I had registered much sooner. I didn't pay much attention to the forum during my lurking years. Just the articles and comments mostly. Even so, it was obvious that the scrutiny was always present. Yet I still saw fit to submit stuff with no pictures. Derp!Remembering RetroJunkFeb 09, 2015View
804ArticleVaporman87@Ben: That seems extremely goofy to me. We too have an "open house" type of event during and after the hour long Trick-or-Treat event held at our church. Trick-or-Treaters come and enjoy free chili, peanut butter sandwiches, and drinks. During the TorT, we hand out bags of goodies and prizes. It's nice to be able to go there and relax and eat warm chili after walking almost 2 miles throughout the neighborhood with the kids in tow. But we wouldn't be THAT picky about the costumes. Just no bloody/gory/scantily clad visitors in the Fellowship Hall (They can still have someone else bring them chili).Benjanime's Halloween RetrospectiveOct 01, 2013View
4781ArticleVaporman87@Ben: Well, let's see... "During the winter of that year, I started to get a bit of a reputation for being kind of morbid." I think she kind of made that pretty clear, don't you think?Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 3Jan 08, 2019View
5271ArticleJulie@Benjamine, he was clearly sarcastic with you in that "question" and you didn't notice his poison in his sarcasm. That man is a monster, period! No wonder nobody likes him. My house is blessed and I will never accept that demon inside my house!!Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 06, 2020View
4803ArticleNLogan@benjanime I once went to a skating rink and couldn't believe that there were more scooters on the rink than kids in skates. It was during your scooter craze. @Ravenloft I tried to get a picture of Doom drop from Google maps it is either gone or from the angle you just can't see how much it dropped. I also tried to get the stairwell that M went off but the same problem, street view you can only see the top, satellite view you can't see them at all just lines. The Circle K is now a KFC and the Shopko construction site where we skated is now a Costco. You can see the canal but it is full of water.Skate or Die GenerationJan 14, 2019View
4840ArticleNLogan@Benjanime there was a female pink panther in the above mentioned Valentine's special and also in the episode pinkarella which was a spoof on Cinderella. He changes the witch into her and flies off on her broom with her. It us strongly implied that Pink Panther has offspring with a female panther because of the later cartoon series Pink Panther and Sons. That show wasn't my cup of tea as they were not silent like dad. If I remember right there were several girl Panthers and Panthers in different colors like purple, blue, and green. Vanished Valentine's Feb 07, 2019View
5563Articlesquidbee@Benjanime Video games and comic books have always been my biggest addictions. Ever since my mom bought me an Atari 2600 for Christmas one year, I have been hooked. Plus, I was indoctrinated by Nintendo all through my youth with games, comics, cartoons, and cereal. Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
4220ArticleHoju Koolander@Benjanime Yeah, we all had high hopes for the SMB movie and though it was disappointing as a kid, I find it to be a fun little oddity these days. My favorite part of these old magazines is finding mentions of games/movies that were planned, but didn't come out or at least not in the way they were originally presented.Retro Magazine RoundUp: Nintendo PowerDec 04, 2017View