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5551ArticleJulieNot just good memories but I also coming back to the game often. I am a fan of all the video game generations, and I'm proud as it's one of the healthier hobbies we can have. I had the cartridge in the 90's and of course I love the game to this day: it is fun, well made, beautiful, with catchy tunes and with neat details and interesting, spooky plot. Thanks always for sharing your unique, adorable charisma and your love for all the video game eras. I love you forever, my sweet @Benjanime.❤❤ Nov 17, 2021View
5552ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman definitely give it a look sometime! @Julie agreed my love, it makes for a great anti-depressant as well when the meds won't do the trick. i'm glad i can always provide these for you to read, giving my own retrospectives and memories, i love you my julia ❤Why Decap Attack is an underrated classicNov 17, 2021View
5554ArticleoniparI've never actually played this one, and really only first heard about it maybe a few years back (and then totally forgot it exists). I have a copy on my retro handheld, but I'd love to get a real cart of it. I haven't checked yet, but I suspect they are expensive. Nice article, thanks for the reminder about this gem. Why Decap Attack is an underrated classicNov 23, 2021View
5538ArticleBenjanimespeaking of the lawnmower man, i had only ever known about the SNES video game adaptation through my childhood and only got to see the movie years later in my adulthood finding out what it was about. apparently some scenes were cut out to give a better run time for the film, and i'm glad i finally got to see the director's cut, but i'd be darned if i couldn't agree with all the other critics with how slow the pacing of the movie was, even with version we got on vhs and laserdisc. so interesting to see such an early transition from trick or treating to immediately watching movie marathons, i wish i was that lucky lol. great and fun read!One Last ScareNov 11, 2021View
5544ArticleoniparThanks, Ben! I still have a soft spot for The Lawnmower Man. Not sure I ever saw the director's cut, and I *definitely* didn't know there was a video game! Gotta check that out. One Last ScareNov 11, 2021View
5573ArticleBenjanimeof those three scooby doo specials in the 1980s, reluctant werewolf just kinda put me to sleep and i don't know why, maybe the other two were more interesting to me and had better pacing to the plot along with more memorable characters. ghoul school was definitely a neat concept and i still see some fans on deviant art drawing the girls. maybe i'll rewatch it sometime.5 Times Scooby-Doo Met Real MonstersJan 05, 2022View
5583ArticleoniparWow, very comprehensive article, good stuff. I really didn't watch much Scooby Doo, even as a kid. One of these days I'll maybe go back and watch some. 5 Times Scooby-Doo Met Real MonstersJan 15, 2022View
5567ArticleVaporman87Malls truly do go all out to give you that holiday spirit... because that equates to dollars! Still, it makes for some nice memories.My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 10, 2021View
5568ArticleJulieThe first Christmas decoration in a mall I remember seeing was when I was eight: after the classroom, I went to the mall everyday alone (it was a time when human trafficking didn't exist). So I could marvel everyday at those wonderful decorations, and going to all the toy stores to look at every toy I dreamed to have. I did that for the whole year; it was unforgettably magical to me. You look so cutie on the photo, my sweetheart @Benjanime!❤❤ Happy Holidays!My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 10, 2021View
5569ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman yeah, it's crazy to know that even when you're young, you still develop that wanting of buying whatever you see lol @Julie i would have loved going there every day i could ^^ thank you for reading, my sweet muffin ❤ happy holidays!My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 10, 2021View