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350ArticlevkimoAlways refreshing for a female "retro"spective article! Feb 18, 2013View
352ArticleVaporman87Such a great list! I think you have done a remarkable job capturing the whole range of styles of classic 80's vehicles. I love that you inlcuded the burnt up station wagon from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" and Lane Myer's Camaro. I would only add 3 to this list, probably only as honorable mentions; "Rubber Duck's" Mack from "Convoy", the ghostly diesel truck from "Duel", and the tank from... well... "Tank". Thank so much Old School for presenting this list to us. Such a great read! And for those who have not already, I recommend you stop by his blog as linked to in the article. There is SO much good retro stuff there to chew on!Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View
353ArticleVaporman87@vkimo: I agree. Too often we tend to look at the past from only our own point of view as males. It is a breath of fresh air to see how things looked from a female perspective. Thanks again pikachulover!1995 & 1996 Fashion Trends (90's Girl Fashion) Feb 18, 2013View
354ArticleAceNThaHoleMan I can recall every single one of these cars and trucks. Yeah, I might change a few around here and there but this was a really COMPLETE list and has something for everybody. I had read your last blog post and it was a good interview. I didnt know the guy but it must be nice to leave a legacy like he is leaving.Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View
355ArticleAceNThaHoleI have never played a single mmor......whatever. But this was fun to read and I had no idea these types of games came along so quicly after the web started gaining popularity. Its sweet that people still play it after all these years.Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 18, 2013View
364ArticleraptorI remember some of these things. Girls went gaga over the plaid stuff after Clueless. 1995 & 1996 Fashion Trends (90's Girl Fashion) Feb 18, 2013View
365ArticleraptorThis was a wicked list! Must be nice to have a vehicle from one of these properties (like the guy with the Better Off Dead Camaro). I'd like to own something like that. This was so much fun to read. Excellent man.Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View
366ArticleraptorI think when I get some time this week I'm going to sign up and start with something as close to my old character as I can remember. Should be a fun blast from the past.Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 18, 2013View
372ArticlevkimoGreat piece. I did a series on RetroJunk about retro rides. Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View
375ArticleFulton4VI remember so badly wishing I had the car from Karate Kid. I really liked the old curvy 50s and 60s cars and wished I had one. I liked seeing all of these, good job.Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 19, 2013View